Friday, May 1, 2009

Blogger Tricks Contest!

I'm joining Blogger Tricks Contest!

Hopefully I get the chance to win some cash I can spend online mainly for books... who knows right? The trick is to earn at least 10 points blogging about this contest, leaving a comment on every site (on earth) :)

The link is here
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Blog contests are really fun. Winning 2 items that just arrived is quite encouraging too! I am the type who has never won anything in supermarket raffles so I was just thrilled when I learned about Blog contests. So let me know if you caught the contest bug too but don't tell me if you won (and I didn't) har har.

Win a Papemelroti Summer Set!

Papemelroti is my favorite shop. Well, I do work there, ha ha.

Want to share with you the current blog contest of our shop. All you have to do (very simple) is to put a suggestion on the bottom of this page and you will be included in the draw this coming June.

The prize is a coordinated pack with the newest Summer design by artist Peggy. It includes a journal with recycled paper pages with coptic binding, small full color notebook with lined pages and a lovely notelet. Great for journaling, scrapbooking and note-taking. I hope you will win and enjoy this set!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Prize from One World One Heart

Did I tell you I won a prize (actually many little prizes) because I joined the One World One Heart Giveaway Blog Event?

Well, my prize, a little Junque Bird arrived! I'm so very very happy and excited! At first I was afraid it would get squished traveling all the way from the USA to the Philippines but it arrived unscathed!

It came with several other goodies that I chose from Cindy's Website or
It is fondly displayed on my desk at work beside another win of mine, this time an own (saving this information for another blog).

Incidentally over the past week, people have been giving me stranded baby birds to take care of. I've had success with 3 birds and have lost 1 so I can tell if it is likely they will survive with me or not.
Both baby birds that were given to me to take care of were old enough to shout for their mothers and had low-flying skills they could use to flee predators so I decided to leave them in the vicinity where they were found. Actually "they" decided this as they flew away.
Which brings me back to my Junque Bird. It is so precious to me all the more since it was made for me by Cindy and in the color I requested.

Other items from my win were a ring binder notebook, some craft paper and embellishments for projects.

If you want to win something this May, there is a similar contest with a Summer Set available as a prize. Click on over to and see if you want to join!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Feel Empowered!

I like using bold colors in my collages. They give a dramatic feel to the piece and the contrast makes the piece stand out. I like the fairy angel vintage photograph on this as the lady seems to be telling us that she can do anything she puts her mind to!

My sister Patsy is the ATC (artist trading card) queen in our home though my second sister Peggy is following close behind!

She taught us how to put texture on paper and provided lots of cuttings, vine shapes, stamps, pens, sticky words and so much more!

She has what we call a "magic book" which has all different cutouts in a wide variety of colors and styles to put into the masterpiece of the moment.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

French Farmhouse

Up on a castletop lives a little farmhouse where very important people once lived. This place saw the popularity of the an obscure town into a world destination. All because a poor, simple girl with a pure heart saw a beautiful lady in white.

The girl was named Bernadette and the place, known all over as Lourdes.

Though the dwelling area of the powerful in a small village, the ancient castle showed an otherwise far from ostentatious way of living. What more so if you visit the saint's home, a former jail.

So charming in its tiny proportions. I put a bit of color into the sky.


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