Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Beguiling Women

Since I was very little, I've been fascinated with drawing beguiling women. Women with large piercing eyes seemed to always be the stuff of heroines and wherever they went, adventure and mystery went too.

I used to keep a sketch book of women and each had a description in the bottom. Their personality and lives all products of my imagination.

Even now my doodles mostly contain women. I hardly draw men. If I do, it's just so my women drawings have companions on paper.

Living in an age where beauty is altogether given too much importance is thought-provoking. From childhood, one is already stereotyped in school plays as either a heroine or a supporting character. There are too few spaces for the leading role in life. I'm sure many little girls have been thus traumatized by being cast as a witch or even a background tree.

In my case, I remember begging to be a witch and another time, a tree. My classmates were always putting me in the limelight. I was always the princess or other. Maybe it was because I was averse to contradicting others and they knew I wouldn't put up much of a fight. Maybe because all of them, like me, hated being in the limelight!

Women are strong. Women are beautiful. Women are sensitive and have an intuitiveness that can save lives. Here's my little tribute sketch to women like me! :)


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