Monday, August 24, 2009

Sun Shine

Some days, the sun is just too bright. Just like today. But it's always like this in Manila. Every day the sun just has to peep out. It's rare to find an all out cloudy day. I guess that's why ManileƱos just keep smiling!

I made this ATC with some textured paper, watercolor, gel pens, paper cuttings and a whole lot of sunshine!

Hold a True Friend

A true friend is someone who stands by you through the sunshine and the rain (and the cloudy days when it's neither here nor there). A true friend will tell you if you have a piece of lettuce in between your teeth and all your wide grins were not adding anything to your overall image.
A true friend is someone you can call at any time of the day just to pass the time with nonsense musings. A true friend can make you laugh during the times you just want to bury your head in the sand.

What is a true friend to you? Do you have such a friend?

I made this ATC using textured paper, cloth bits, gel pens, sticker transfers and painted paper. I almost got addicted to making round faces and using smudgy pens that turn into watercolor ink!

You are Loved

When the world is all just a splash of color dancing in the wind, think of this thought... you are loved.

You are someone well thought of and finely crafted and every part of you is a unique gift of the Creator.

There is always something to smile about and more to laugh about. Each eyelash is there for a specific purpose and it is yours to remind you that you are loved.

Each thought and each word that comes from you can only come from you so don't hold back in showing the world that you are loved.

Flower Faces

This is the first of the Flower Face series of pieces I made. It so delights me to see their big eyes and smiling wide lips.

Isn't it that in every one of us we have a flower face?

It could be that we put on a happy face today for we feel we got a sunflower when we woke up in the morning. Then we have a rosey face when we feel aflush with life's beauty and are filled with awe. Then we may want to snap at someone and give them a snapdragon smile?

Yes this is all hogwash but it still gives me joy to think that behind every flower face is a true and natural emotion!

The Present Moment

The title of this ATC or artist trading card is "Now". There's something about the here and now that is so precious.

We must value "now" and treat it with reverence don't you think? If we don't we lose sight of how important it is and it passes by in a blur...

Now I am giving a part of my thoughts to you, thus giving you a part of myself. Isn't that something? That was then, now I am giving the visual representation of that thought to you too... that's a part of what I see...

New Eyes to See

I suddenly have new eyes to see the world and I just had to reflect it in my artwork this weekend. Having your eyes lasered is quite unnerving and yes I thought of what would happen if something went wrong and went blind!

But thank God everything went smoothly and even my doctor Dr. Timmy Tan told me my eyes were healing quite quickly!

It's clearly a better quality of vision now despite the glare of new surgery! Incomparable to contacts and spectacles.

I am now thankful for the red, irritated and itchy eyes I was frequently having despite buying new contact lenses... and the red blotchy skin I'd get from wearing glasses... or else I wouldn't even consider having this procedure done.

This is truly an open door that though frightening to go through has certainly turned out to be the best decision I've ever made in my life!


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