Sunday, December 12, 2010

Stationery Covers

Here's what I'll be giving my friends this Christmas! Before I send them on their way, I wanted to "keep them with me forever" (or as long as this blog is in existence!).

I used recycled materials for this project. Scrap cloth, cardboard, buttons, ribbons and old stationery I have lying about.

I cut out some cardboard out of old boxes (from the grocery or from packaging) and then cut a folder shaped size enough to hold my pad or notebook. I left about half an inch margin around. Then I scored it for neat and easy folding.

I then made a similar "folder" for the inside. Then I covered the outer portion with cloth (like you do when wrapping notebooks with plastic for school). Then I did the same thing for the other "folder". Afterwhich (is that a word?) I glued it all together!

Oh I almost forgot, before gluing it together, I slipped in the ribbon for securing it later or the garter inside (if it's a notebook). Embellishing it is the fun part. I used cloth flowers, picture frames etc.

Do you like it?

Monday, November 8, 2010

Art Heart & Healing Self Portrait

It's a real joy to join this online art workshop entitled Art, Heart and Healing. Artist Tamara Laporte teaches different methods she uses to create such beautiful pieces. Everyone there is just awesome! Participants work is fresh and fun and unrestrained expression. Support and admiration abounds.

I created this affirming self-portrait though I must admit she doesn't look an inch like me but bah who cares right? Her eyes are green while my eyes are brown. Her hair is brown while mine is darker brown but this is the she I thought I'd make and I'm pretty happy with her.
If you'd like to join the workshop it's not too late *ever* as Tam has posted the videos indefinitely. Click here to learn, get inspired and even heal! :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Messages in a Bottle

A very good friend of mine celebrates her public commitment to our Christian Community! To welcome her and honor her, we made little notes on how we see God working in her life and how she is such a blessing to us. I put it in a glass jar, covered it with tea stained lace and ribbons with fabric flowers that I made the night before the event. I also asked people to send their greetings (all last minute!) and they sent theirs promptly. They're so cooperative! I calligraphed the messages onto the beige textured paper. My friend Mavi (that's her name) said she loved it! That is a nice reward indeed!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Birthday Blessings

I'd like to feature my sister Patsy's artwork here in celebration of my birthday this month!

I thank God for the happy surprise I had the morning of my special day. Three of my closest friends came by and bought me a healthy breakfast. Whole wheat bread, cranberry juice, soy milk, fruits, granola bars and whole lot of loving! Thanks dearest friends!

She made this not knowing it was going to land with me! Wow what a surprise! It's entitled a Pocketful of Miracles. You can visit her blog at Heartworks She makes such wonderful things and she's also so supportive of my blogging! Thanks Patsy! :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Life is like an acrobat. Sometimes you're up, sometimes you're down.

I was with some ten or so moms the other day talking about children, raising them, earning some money while you're at it. They were all good moms whose dreams were mostly to see their kids through school. College seemed a distant reality for them.

In many ways these moms are jugglers, tightrope walkers and lion tamers in their own right. They juggle responsibilities, try to get on the good side of their tired husbands and tame their riotous, at times, wild children.

I feel quite privileged to have the chance to listen to their concerns and try to help in whatever way I can. Looking at their lives, it could have easily been my own, depending on where you are born, where you land in life.

At this stage in our life histories, we have all been brought together by God for a purpose. To what end, I can only guess, just like the acrobat.

Hope you enjoy this week's ramblings as part of my Illustration Friday's entry. Please let me know how something about your life's circus!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Proverbs: Illustration Friday

This is my first ever submission to this awesome fun site Illustration Friday. I must admit this is a pretty late entry and might not even be considered but I'll just go ahead and try anyway.

Have any of you submitted drawings there?

Proverbs 23:7 is one of the scripture passages that I've been reflecting on a lot lately. It emphasizes how powerful our thoughts are!

Imagine yourself as beautiful, intelligent, kind, caring and loving and you will be all these things!

But the opposite is true as well. Think yourself ugly, dumb, yadiyadiya and you will be all these things too!
Better think good thoughts then!

Well did I get in?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Filipina

I am a proud Filipina. I am a Pinay, part of a great people.

This is a tribute to one of the most long-suffering of all women. She is a superwoman. She does everything she can for those she loves. She is a hard worker. She is gentle and soft spoken.

Many things may get the Filipina down. Oftentimes she is faced with struggles she has no control over, a time vacuuming traffic jam, unforgiving heat, woes with the powers that be and lines at the lady's loo. But the Filipina smiles everything off and flips her long silky straight hair. Off she goes gliding confidently to the future, a bright future.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Kindness is King

Today I was a recipient of kindness. Someone gave me a name. Someone answered my request. Someone said thank you.
So many people smiled at me today. A car stopped so I drive ahead.

Someone helped me find a phone number. A receptionist chatted with me to pass the time. A kind woman listened to my story and assured me of a brighter three days ahead. Someone didn't reprimand me (even when I deserved it).
A lady told me I looked pretty when I felt so flawed.

A drugstore salesman helped me find everything I needed. A security guard pointed out the salt.
Someone cooked for us a recipe I looked up. My mom sheltered me with her big umbrella. A friend said she would pray for me. Another friend said I should pamper myself. A kind priest waited patiently for us. He listened, encouraged, advised and blessed us.

There is so much kindness in each day if only we have have the eyes to see it.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Some fabulous giveaways!

If you're like me, a giveaway win is such an encouragement to join other giveaways! Well I just won a surprise prize from Purplecat's Corner! Her paintings are some kind of wonderful and so gorgeous, you'll surely be a follower.

This week, I joined these fabulous giveaways!

Let's Ink it Up is offering some darling stamps from Kathryn Myhre to simply go gaga over! Visit Kathryn's site at KLM Digital Designs and Clear Stamps too!

Such a generous giveaway awaits at L O L O. Her site has reached 300 followers already! Congratulations Lori!

These are international giveaways! Weee! :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Little Nature Book

My parents never cease to amaze me. I came home with a copy of my newly published book(let) about Nature and showed it to them. I underestimated their reaction of delight, appreciation and imagine that... pride!

They kept on asking where I got the talent and I reminded them of both their fathers who are writers! My mom's dad is the Father of Visayan literature or so an article I read once said. My father's dad on the other hand was the first Methodist bishop in the country and was a prolific writer.

Not that this little book qualifies as a "book" book. It's a tribute to one of the caretakers of my childhood ... Mother Nature.

When I was young I would often explore the neighboring fields of grass and trees. At the time, our neighborhood was filled with empty land since our family was one of the first "settlers". I would while away my time in our garden (as big a space as our home).

I used to think that our garden was such a waste due to its size. But as I grew older I saw the wisdom of my parent's ways in keeping all that greenery around us. I loved discovering what was under rocks and habitually climbed trees (without my mother knowing!). Nature indeed, or God through the grass, butterflies and flowers took good care of me.

My moments swinging amidst the birds, grasshoppers and bees were moments of pure tranquility. I was a in a world all my own and I treasured it.

My book is a bit of a journey to that place again meaning to share it to the young (and not so young) of today. Many kids spend most of their waking moments in front of the computer or ipod without realizing how much they miss.

Each page contains an activity you can do outdoors, whimsical illustrations and an inspiring quote. I'm wondering if a copy of this has been sold yet... I'll check tomorrow. It's printed on 100% unbleached earth-friendly kraft paper.

Here's wishing that you will experience as well the irreplaceable joy that Nature brings. Bless you!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Impossible Dreams

All of us have seemingly impossible dreams that reside in the deepest most treasured corners of our hearts. We may speak of it or hold it secret but they are there without a doubt. We are sometimes tempted to hide them away so as not to be disappointed.

But dreams are there to be dreamed and we must call them forth and keep trudging along towards them. Dreams are seeds of the impossible that need to be nurtured and waited on for a full harvest at an unknown hour.

Here's to your dream and to the steps you take to come closer to them. There is a book that says "When God puts a dream in your heart, anything is possible". That I believe is true!

"If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you will say to your mountain, "MOVE!" and it WILL move... and NOTHING will be impossible for you!" - Matthew 17:20

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Power Statements

I get much encouragement from scripture. There is something in me that instantly gets warmed and strengthened whenever these power packed verses come into mind. Consequently, I want to constantly be reminded of them throughout my day.I've made these simple scripture designs for my phone and would be delighted to share them with you. They are for your personal use free of charge. Just drop me a little comment if you plan to use them.I made a little change in this verse. Hope the Lord won't mind...
My phone is a Nokia 5310XpressMusic and it has a rather large screen which is perfect for daily reminders. If you wish I can resize them for you. Just give me your phone's window size.
To use, simply right click on the image and save to your computer. Then you can use a cable or bluetooth to transfer the image to your mobile phone.
Let me know if you find these useful and I might have the energy to do some more. Bless you!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I Goth my Prize!

Have you ever seen Fairy Dust in your life? Well thanks to faerydustpixy now I have! ;)
Faerydust owns Coffin Critters, carrying whimsical art for the goth at heart. My prize for joining her May giveaway arrived in the mail and it was so much more than I expected. Of course yes the faery dust captured in a vial necklace arrived...But wow (!!!) now I have some metal feather earrings from nitebirds and an interesting keychaing from Gossamer Graphics made out of molded plastic. Very very pretty!
You must be wondering why my pictures are very odd. It's because my digital camera's macro mode got stuck and everything I take has to be super close up! I think it's quite odd but it's still a picture!
While shooting these things out in the lawn, our new cat Goldie kept getting in the way! She kept on looking into the lens, blocking the view, stepping on the loot and all the while meowing loudly! That's Goldie!
Congratulations to meeee!!! Thank you dear Faerydust!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Diva I Doodled

You know how sometimes you just have to doodle? This time I doodled away on the back of my shipping receipt.

Sometimes you just have to doodle and you don't have any decent paper on you. This piece of paper was for a package I sent to a province called Samar.
I think this lady looks like the sensible type who would cut her hair when the weather gets too hot and would wear comfortable shoes and clothes no matter what era they came from.

Her dress has a retro pattern but it's kind of groovy. I hope you like her. I call her the diva I doodled.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thinking Contemplating Reflecting

I've been thinking... and thinking... and thinking... It's really not hard to do. It's one of my pastimes, it may be yours too.

Numerous studies prove that thinking is a skill that some lose and some perfect through time and through the correct usage of the brain.

I have not perfected the art of thinking though. I can imagine my dendrites growing leaves whenever I learn something new and I savor the thought so that it lingers on the trees of my memories.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Les Fleur et Porchette

Excuse my lousy french for "Flowers at our Porch". It's such an inspiration to step out of our home every morning and be greeted by the happy flowers outside. They all seem to like greeting everyone so cheerfully just by their beauty!
It's ever so right for me to honor them with a post all to themselves. It's not a common thing to have ever so bright and bountiful flowers in abundant chorus. It's something I'm deeply grateful for. Finding out their names, here they are...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Free Blog Backgrounds!

Easily have a whole new blog look by picking from my 3 free backgrounds!

How to do it?
1. Just go to "Customize" at the upper right hand corner of your blog.
2. Pick "Pick a New Template".3. Choose "minima".
4. Go to "Edit HTML" and then scroll down and look for this part ...(highlighted)
5. Replace the URL of the background with these URLs (just cut and paste)...

Free background URLs:

Dream Denim



6. Preview and save if okay with you!

Enjoy your new blog's look!

Share this freebie set to others by posting my "Free Blog Backgrounds" image and linking it to this page! Bless you!

Link to the image:

Link to this post:

Never stop creating! :)

Wearable Art

Artists like me love wearable art. It gives the designer a chance to showcase his work with a walking "gallery". At the same time, it also makes the one wearing the piece feel like she is making a fashion statement.This is my wearable art, a collage glazed onto a metal backing and hung on creme leather cord for all to see. Simple yet an expression of what I felt at one point in time. Wearable art rocks!

A Thing for Rings

I go crazy over rings some times, mysteriously drawn to trying it on my finger. I find it quite tragic if it is too large or too small! That is why I have excitedly turned to making rings for myself.Bought a metal ring mold to shape the rings perfectly into my size 6!
Simply put I'm learning the art of ring making. It's tricky, it's new, it's fun, it's puzzling, it's such beautiful work! I mean even if it's not perfected, I still love my work! That's important I think.
The beads I used are from old pieces broken up and made into new ones or from bead shops here and there.
Tools are essential I've found and I need to learn more. I'm wondering if there is a site I can find more information about perfecting this craft, need to google it in the future.


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