Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wallpaper Project

Free days are simply heavenly! I had absolutely nothing on my schedule book and it made me giddy to think which project I wanted to do first!Since we have a surplus of wallpaper stock, I decided to think of different ways I can make use of it. Looking around me, I was struck by the oldish look of my Ikea digital clock. The yellow color looked cloudy and it didn't match the pale tones of my room.

It used to look like this... (image by Gordasm)

But after I wallpapered it, here's how it looks!
I particularly like the lace I used as it is not too common to find around.

Next thing that didn't match on my desk was another old item that has been with me for years. It is a metal canister I keep non-writing ballpens in. What will I do with those? Oh you never know...

Here is the metal canister with the cloth covered magnets I won from OWOH! Aren't they delicious enough to eat!
I also covered up the back of one shelf with wallpaper but it didn't really match the color of the shelf since it was dark brown so I didn't post it! It doesn't bring much joy! I will have to look for more ways to use wallpaper. Got any ideas? :)


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