Sunday, December 12, 2010

Stationery Covers

Here's what I'll be giving my friends this Christmas! Before I send them on their way, I wanted to "keep them with me forever" (or as long as this blog is in existence!).

I used recycled materials for this project. Scrap cloth, cardboard, buttons, ribbons and old stationery I have lying about.

I cut out some cardboard out of old boxes (from the grocery or from packaging) and then cut a folder shaped size enough to hold my pad or notebook. I left about half an inch margin around. Then I scored it for neat and easy folding.

I then made a similar "folder" for the inside. Then I covered the outer portion with cloth (like you do when wrapping notebooks with plastic for school). Then I did the same thing for the other "folder". Afterwhich (is that a word?) I glued it all together!

Oh I almost forgot, before gluing it together, I slipped in the ribbon for securing it later or the garter inside (if it's a notebook). Embellishing it is the fun part. I used cloth flowers, picture frames etc.

Do you like it?


  1. This is nice! If it's a pad of paper how do you attach that. Do you have a slot to slip it in?

  2. Thank you Vickie! Blessed New Year!

    If it's a pad, all I did was glue it firmly onto the back (like the first and third samples).

    A variation would be to have something like a pocket if you don't like the gluing option.



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