Thursday, February 18, 2010

Winning by Losing

I once read a book written by a rabbi about winning by losing. This is what I'm hoping to gain by my experience today.

You see I started out the day pretty much the same way, with my oatmeal, honey and muesli combination. But I thought, maybe I should taste what I purchased from my friend. Some dried fish from Pangasinan, (around 3-4 hours from the capital).

The dried fish, called "Pinkas" was crispy and had just the right saltiness but then, something was really hard. I spewed it out and thought nothing else of it.

A few minutes later, I felt as if bits of the fish were lodged in my tooth. I was fiddling around with it, unbeknownst to my family who were happily eating their breakfast. Then, I had a horrific thought. Maybe my tooth got chipped off!I looked in the mirror and realized that it had indeed been cut in two but could not be seen from the outside (thank you God!).

So how do I, pray tell, make this into a "winning" situation?

If you didn't know it, I'm a Christian, a Catholic, and yesterday was Ash Wednesday, the start of the Lenten season. It's a time of extraordinary grace that the church observes. It's when we opt to have less of the things we normally enjoy and more of God.

In this case, I'm having less of my tooth!

While I was in the dentist's chair later on in the day, I kept thinking of offering up my indignities and dull pains instead of complaining as a way of growing in character during this season! Enduring a root canal is quite an unusual way of praying I suppose but I think it's a fitting way of winning the war of impatience, grumbling and ingratitude.

Hope you like my Cracked Collage to commemorate this day!

Sharing my Finds Online

I thought I would rest joining online giveaways but I couldn't resist Robin's Egg Blues offering to celebrate so many followers! Her blog is worth it!

One can win these goodies...

Don't you think vintage is just gorgeous?

Speaking of Vintage, our little shop is starting a vintage corner in Quezon City. It will have clothes, art and accessories for all of you who are interested in really unique and exciting buys! It's our first venture into non-stationery and decor items. A refreshing addition to our product lines really!

Karen Valentine is also offering some beautiful things she has made and project stuff as well on her blog My Desert Cottage! I follow both of these beautiful blogs!

Another fabulous find is the chance to win a sage Lark wallet. This is featured on A Cup of Jo. All you have to do is leave a comment and visit Lark's online shop.

Whew that's a lot of contest joining... Is it too much?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oh Wow OWOH!

I won! I won! I kept jumping around when I learned that I DID win something!

Peldyn of Style on a Shoestring sent me a message that I was the second prize winner of vintage sewing patterns! Woohoooo!!!

And as if I was not elated enough, The Strawberry Mallard surprised me by saying I also won her second prize! How absolutely wonderful!

My heart is bursting with joy at the thought that I'm getting some souvenirs after all out of this year's OWOH! Thank you God!

I promised myself and Michelle (thanks for wanting to comfort me with a trade!) that I will post a jubilant Julie girl drawing to express my JOY!

This makes me think I should have put up a second prize as well!♥

Been thinking of how generous and thoughtful some of the bloggers are to offer digital consolation prizes! Hmmm what can I offer I wonder? Does anyone want Jubilant Julie?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Oh me Oh my

It's February the 16th and I'm a bit gloomy. Today is the announcement of One World One Heart (OWOH) winners and my inbox has been too silent. Not a single win this year! Oh me! Oh my!Though I know that the event is not really about winning things, it is somewhat disappointing to find out that not even one of the beautiful handmade art things were not coming my way! Last year, my two wins got me too hopeful!

My winner sounds very happy though! I mailed her the two little books I've authored and some other surprises as well so I hope she will be excited when they arrive in the mail! The thought of someone getting a prize perks me up though!

In commemoration of my no-wins day, I drew a somber lady in a reflective look. She isn't crying (even though I told my sisters, I was going to draw a crying lady) because she has gone through some of the most amazing blogs and have "met" some really wonderfully gifted artists through the whole OWOH experience!

I've also received much praise for my work and a load of blog visitors this year so there, I'm comforted and my heart is eased. I will definitely visit my new favorite blogs and enjoy the new friends I've made as well! :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Inspired by OWOH Artists

This year's OWOH (One World One Heart blog event) has really been so awesome! So many crafters and artists have shared their work and have inspired me so very much to do more and more and more!I didn't have much time today but I managed to squeeze in this lady who represents my desire to do more artistic endeavors this year (outside my usual design work!). Let's name her Kindred Heart! She represents the kindness and generosity of more than a thousand Magic Carpet ticketholders (2010's theme for this year).

I truly hope that I make a friend or two as well out of OWOH.

See my earlier blog if you're curious and want to know more. I have yet to mail my prize to my winner! I want to surprise her with other giveaways!


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