Friday, February 26, 2010


The little bits of abundance sprinkled throughout my day...

Waking up and stretching without rushing.

Having a friend say I looked for her just in time.

Listening to classical music while driving to work.

A total stranger appreciating my Super Earth Saver book and wanting us to demonstrate some of the projects featured there!

Finishing the design for three tiny stationery pads and parts of my upcoming little book (sshh it's a secret!).

A friend thanking me for a dress I found for her.

An invitation to write my reflections for an inspirational website.

Eating one of my favorite foods, an egg, in the middle of the afternoon.

Hugging Princess tightly, our soft, purring kitty.

Seeing wonderful comments from a previous post!

Being inspired to create this Abundance Illustration before bedtime, around ten o'clock.

Goodnight all!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


A huge hole is still gaping within the inner recesses of, not my heart, nor my mind, but in my mouth.

The second of 4 sessions of my RC (R-oot C-anal) let my dentist blurt out sarcastically "this is really my favorite, sorry". He meant the exact opposite. I know... TMI, Too Much Information right? I wish it were over soon but it seemed endless, the widening of the hole, the screw latching... or rather screwS.

This Gratitude drawing is to be thankful to God for the invention of anesthesia, thankful that my dentist is only a few steps away from where I work. I'm grateful that there is a way to fix things inside my mouth, even if sometimes I felt I was in a movie from Silence of the Lambs.

Behind every pain, there is wisdom to be gained. ♥

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Wee Li'l Pillow

I'm wondering if you will like my wee li'l pillow, shades of country kinfolk themed. I had a lot of scrap cloth from altering clothes and I happened to have a lot of blues.

Here I put together an angel in applique as well as just stitched on. Shiny beads also lend to a somewhat shimmery effect all over. I like the running stitch on the flower center, don't you?

This is my first ever project so it really is quite shabby. I plan to make a much nicer one with edge trimmings, lace and more buttons! Exciting! :)

Art Stand

As I lay me down to sleep, thoughts of recycling bits + scraps I keep...I thought of using our old toilet tube rolls for displaying my colored pens and pencils. I thought it would take me a few minutes to make and it let my pencils "breathe" as well. They've been buried in a closet bag all these years (when I am not using them, that is).I covered them in different blue cloth. Patterned ones and denim looked the nicest. And then bound them in lace. Gluing a cloth covered cardboard bottom was also needed to hold the pens. I like looking at the different patterns and how they keep everything handy for my next project!

Rainmaker Project

This must have been some ancient tool for a bountiful harvest but to me, it was one day's project. I learned over the net that you can make your own rainmaker. The sound is quite soothing and if you close your eyes, you can imagine pools of water being formed at your feet!
All you need are a few tubes, I used old toilet paper rolls, glue, aluminum foil and popcorn (or rice). You can wrap it up using cloth, beads, string or cord and a little imagination!
First you glue the tubes together. The longer the better!
Then you make one long scrunched up piece of aluminum foil, like you're making a snake twice the length of your joined tubes.
Next you twirl the aluminum foil as if you're making a spring and then push them down inside the tubes until the whole length has foil running through it. This is basically to delay the denouement of the popcorn to the bottom and give off that rainy sound.

Oh, I forgot to mention that you need to seal off one end of the tube so that the popcorn won't fall off when you add them in! You can make a seal using a cardboard circle glued to the bottom or duct tape (with something covering the sticky part from the inside).

Add the popcorn and test the sound before sealing off the other end!
If the "rain" is good enough, then go ahead and seal off the open tube end and then cover and embellish with cloth. A native feel is usually what we go for!


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