Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

I wanted to share with you my Good Friday morning reflection. It's such a heart-wrenching experience to remember Christ's passion today and to be mindful of the price He paid for our salvation. If only we would not forget this in the business of life.

Sometimes we go through difficulties and trials and ask "why Lord"? But Jesus Himself, in His passion showed us that terrible things that happen, if allowed by God, always have a purpose, though we need to wait in hope and faith that the purpose be made known to us.

Troubles are not given to us by God. They're usually consequences of failings and bad decisions from our own or others' free will.

Seen with eyes of faith, all things work for the good of those who love Him (Romans 8:28) and this is seen in the Cross' victory!

From the Christian Seder Meal...
Therefore, it is our duty to thank, praise, laud, glorify, extol bless exalt and adore Him Who did all of these miracles for our fathers and for ourselves. He has brought us forth from slavery to freedom, from sorrow to joy, from mourning to festive day, from darkness to a great light, and from subjection to redemption.
(full prayers here)

Doing the stations of the cross in Lourdes via internet is also helpful in "walking through" the last hours of Jesus' life. Click here

Snippets from the movie "Passion of Christ" are here for us to reflect on as well.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Vintage Shop

It's fun finding a shop with the old and new residing together amicably. The vintage shop of papemelroti is one of those rare finds in the city where multinational chain brands dominate. Here you'll find some fresh items that are just starting out in the market and some that have been pre-loved and are looking for a second life!

What you'll see...

Cloth button earrings (3 pairs for P100), unusually large but truly fabulous brass rings, chain pendants, flower belts and bags, bright and mix matched bracelets, jewelry, special artsy and evening clothes!

Take a visit using the slideshow below.

The Vintage Shop opened just recently and you can find nice clothes (old and new), jewelry, accessories, caps, hair stuff, and so many interesting little things.

Hope you get a chance to visit!

It's at 91 Roces Ave., QC at the second floor of Papemelroti's main building, Korben Place.

I made rings, I rang

Wearing my creations gives me great satisfaction. That's why I just had to experiment on making rings. I daresay I'm getting better but have a long way to go.

Here's a roughshod attempt with a ceramic bead and some copper wire. It's cute but still not up to par.

Here's one using one of my glaze pins and some silver wire, mounted on to a plain silver ring.

Despite how big it is, it is quite sturdy and immoveable on the ring. I found out though that the ring I used was quite big and can only fit my thumb.

Maybe it's time for me to give it away.

Whipped up Some Clips

Craft glue is a joy to use as it works on metal, cloth, wood and of course paper. Here are my glaze creations glued onto wooden clothespins.

These can be used for putting up little reminders all over the house or for hanging clothes to dry (still).

This is my collage drawing of a wide eyed lady with one eye half closed glazed on the bottle cap.

I'm thinking of trading these on Delightful Whimsy's trading site. I don't know if anyone would like them. I was thinking of making a matching set that would go well with stationery.

The trading site is on
Why not check it out?

I also used other designs such as music sheets, flower faces, filipiniana woman, and even a graphic version of my face (try to find out where that is)!

I also colored in the clothespin so it's a little bit fancier. Do you like the effect?

A favorite theme of mine is the drama images that we use as gift wrapping paper in the shop. It looks a bit different from our other cute wrappers.

The last image is using that singularly simple combination of red printing on white. These stark contrasts look well with this project. I found that pastels and muted colors didn't come out as well.

I hope you like these! Have a crafty weekend! (I am!)


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