Saturday, May 15, 2010

Les Fleur et Porchette

Excuse my lousy french for "Flowers at our Porch". It's such an inspiration to step out of our home every morning and be greeted by the happy flowers outside. They all seem to like greeting everyone so cheerfully just by their beauty!
It's ever so right for me to honor them with a post all to themselves. It's not a common thing to have ever so bright and bountiful flowers in abundant chorus. It's something I'm deeply grateful for. Finding out their names, here they are...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Free Blog Backgrounds!

Easily have a whole new blog look by picking from my 3 free backgrounds!

How to do it?
1. Just go to "Customize" at the upper right hand corner of your blog.
2. Pick "Pick a New Template".3. Choose "minima".
4. Go to "Edit HTML" and then scroll down and look for this part ...(highlighted)
5. Replace the URL of the background with these URLs (just cut and paste)...

Free background URLs:

Dream Denim



6. Preview and save if okay with you!

Enjoy your new blog's look!

Share this freebie set to others by posting my "Free Blog Backgrounds" image and linking it to this page! Bless you!

Link to the image:

Link to this post:

Never stop creating! :)

Wearable Art

Artists like me love wearable art. It gives the designer a chance to showcase his work with a walking "gallery". At the same time, it also makes the one wearing the piece feel like she is making a fashion statement.This is my wearable art, a collage glazed onto a metal backing and hung on creme leather cord for all to see. Simple yet an expression of what I felt at one point in time. Wearable art rocks!

A Thing for Rings

I go crazy over rings some times, mysteriously drawn to trying it on my finger. I find it quite tragic if it is too large or too small! That is why I have excitedly turned to making rings for myself.Bought a metal ring mold to shape the rings perfectly into my size 6!
Simply put I'm learning the art of ring making. It's tricky, it's new, it's fun, it's puzzling, it's such beautiful work! I mean even if it's not perfected, I still love my work! That's important I think.
The beads I used are from old pieces broken up and made into new ones or from bead shops here and there.
Tools are essential I've found and I need to learn more. I'm wondering if there is a site I can find more information about perfecting this craft, need to google it in the future.

Wallpaper Project

Free days are simply heavenly! I had absolutely nothing on my schedule book and it made me giddy to think which project I wanted to do first!Since we have a surplus of wallpaper stock, I decided to think of different ways I can make use of it. Looking around me, I was struck by the oldish look of my Ikea digital clock. The yellow color looked cloudy and it didn't match the pale tones of my room.

It used to look like this... (image by Gordasm)

But after I wallpapered it, here's how it looks!
I particularly like the lace I used as it is not too common to find around.

Next thing that didn't match on my desk was another old item that has been with me for years. It is a metal canister I keep non-writing ballpens in. What will I do with those? Oh you never know...

Here is the metal canister with the cloth covered magnets I won from OWOH! Aren't they delicious enough to eat!
I also covered up the back of one shelf with wallpaper but it didn't really match the color of the shelf since it was dark brown so I didn't post it! It doesn't bring much joy! I will have to look for more ways to use wallpaper. Got any ideas? :)


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