Friday, December 30, 2011

Free Favicons

Hello dears,

I feel just wonderful today because a loved one's operation went so smoothly.  Thank you Lord!  I feel like giving away something for the new year~!

Here are some free favicons!  You may use them for your blogs or websites, personal or commercial.

If you aren't familiar with what these are, just look above to the top of my blog and you'll notice a cute yellow cat beside "calej d'art" - - - that's a favicon.

To save these onto your blog, just right click and "Save as" into any name you like.  Then go to your blog dashboard then go to "Layout" and then click on the "Edit" in the Favicon section.  You just need to upload any of these cute images so your blog url won't be so lonely up there.

Hope you like these!

*If you can put a link to me on your blog it would be deeply deeply appreciated.  If not, it's okay as well.  It's a gift without strings.

All the best for 2012!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Last Minute Giftwrapping

Ok, no time to run to the store for some wrapping?  Grab these items and get wrappin'!

Brown Paper Bag
Plastic Bags
Old eraser
Stamp Pad
Old lace
Old calling cards
Rubber Stamps
Glue or Paste
(You won't need all of these)

What you do is wrap your gift up in brown paper bag paper then add a dash of newspaper.
Sprinkle with embellishments.
Use the back of yer ole calling card as the gift tag.
I carved out an angel from an old eraser and used it as a stamp.  It helps that the Books for Less bookstore calling card I found (of a defunct branch) is also made of recycled paper so it matches my eco-friendly look.

You can use old bits of lace to decorate the somewhat plain wrapping of just brown and newsprint and just attach with bits of glue.

So here are the finished products.  The principle here is not to throw anything that can still be used later on.  I'm giving you a timely reminder to keep all the ribbons and paper that you will be getting this Christmas to re-using later on.

The gift on the upper right has a plastic bag ribbon.  I just cut up a plastic bag into 3 pcs of 1" width strips (and whatever length your paper bag is).  I then braided them for a cool ribbon effect.  Sorry I forgot to get a close up!  Tedious but nice.

The blue tie on the lower left is rope that I untangled for a nice fringed effect.  The lower right gift has a red bow from an old cut up piece of clothing that I liked.

Wishing you the best Christmas ever!  If you want to make this season more meaningful, give to those who need it most!  Click here to help our countrymen who've been recently having a very rough Christmas.

Haven't got a gift for me yet?  Oh just comment and it will make my Christmas! ;)

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Friday, December 23, 2011

The Magic that is Christmas

Every year I feel like I'm getting younger, inside I mean.  I am rediscovering the magic that is Christmas.  I don't know what it is but even when the year isn't free of its cares and tragedies (storm Sendong in particular), I am happy.  Quietly and calmly happy.

Here's my wish for you...
This year's advent season has me meditating on Zachariah and how his doubt made him speechless.  Rather, the angel rendered him thus so.  Do I sometimes doubt that everything will come together in the end?  Do I sometimes doubt that God will do a miracle long prayed for?  Does God know what He's doing?  I must admit, doubts can sneak in.  But the important thing is this.  God still fulfills His miracle anyway.  Zachariah's long standing wish for a son was fulfilled despite his lapse in trusting God's faithfulness.

I thought of how faith changes everything.  How Mary's and Joseph's plans were all changed because they believed.  Here's my twist on the nativity with a lot of patterns since I recently bought this neat pattern maker.  

Here's another one I made with a more traditional feel.
*You may use these images for online greetings and such.  Personal use only and if you can link back to me it will be much appreciated!
May this Christmas season ever fill you with more faith, more hope, more love!  He is the Reason for it all.  He is Emmanuel, God with us.

Let's keep faith in His promises as "He who began the good work in you will be faithful to complete it" (Philippians 1:6)

*A little appeal:  This Christmas if you can volunteer, give or pray for the Typhoon Sendong victims in the Philippines, please do your share.  Their Christmas is a tough one this year.  Click here for more info on Sendong.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Papemelroti Giveaway

Christmas is a time of giving and it's an opportune time to let you know that Papemelroti (my favorite shop of course) is giving away three of their newest pieces to three lucky winners!
You could win this Aviary Medal Bracelet.
or this
Periwinkle Dream Flight Bracelet
or last but not the least a
Bird's Nest Leather Cuff

These pieces are made by my sister Meldy.  She is one talented jewelry designer. She also sculpts, sews, cooks, and is now a proud foster mama!    Visit her blog here

It's so easy to join!

Just go on over to this page and post a comment saying what product of Papemelroti's you like best.  Then we will raffle off the names come January.   It's easy peasy.  Oh did I mention that this contest is open to anyone on planet earth.  Aliens can't join this time (too expensive to send).

I hope you all win!  And I hope you are enjoying every minute of this season! Bless you! :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Paper Roll Wreathe

Stop, don't throw that away! Make something new and help the environment as well by not adding to the tons of waste materials in landfills.

There are countless ways to recycle the cardboard from a tissue roll.

For this project you need:

bathroom paper rolls (around 15 or so depending on the size of your wreathe)
glue gun and sticks

memo clips
box carton
a round bowl or plate
string or twine

To Do:
  1. Cut the paper roll following the spiral line around.

    1. Curl and roll into a rose, folding in or outside along the way to keep the bud from getting lost inside.

      Glue gun at the center and at the back (take care not to show the glue in front of the rose). The back doesn't have to be beautiful. See...
    2. Set aside to dry. Use memo clips to hold together. Make the other roses in the same way.
    3. Make the base of the wreathe by holding down the round plate or bowl on a piece of box carton. Mark the outline with a pencil. You will now have a round pencil mark which you can use as the base of the wreathe.
    4. Estimate about 2 inches all around from the pencil outline and make a circle inside so you can 2 concentric circles. Cut it out.
    5. Tie the twine or string around the top of the wreathe base for the hanger.
    6. Glue gun the roses all around on to the base and make sure you are covering the box carton. Let dry.
    7. Hang up on your door and enjoy.
    Variation: You may want to spray paint the wreathe white or silver. Put a ribbon at the bottom.

    Monday, October 24, 2011

    Today's Advice

    Won't you take a little time out today to think and see how your life is going in the grand scheme of things?

    Do you stand tall in facing the adversities that pepper the daily grind?
    Do you reward yourself with breaks each day or push yourself to the limit?

    Are you focused on achieving and sometimes lose focus on friendships?
    Do you believe that God is watching over you or think He's looking in the other direction?

    Are you afraid of small changes? or big ones? Are you brave enough to try something new?
    Hope you like my bits and pieces of thought today blended into my photographs. It's meant to disturb you a little but not a lot. Just enough to make mental notes of little life changes you want to make. Consider these today's advice for you. Bless you!

    Friday, October 21, 2011

    Yoghurt Pop-Up Card

    A good friend of mine does such lovely desserts. That's why we call her the dessert diva. She piles cupcake after cupcake, frost over fruit, cookie after crumble in an artful way that deserves another blog post by itself.

    So on her birthday we decided to honor her with which dessert we thought she would be. One said she was Strawberry Shortcake. One said Tiramisu. Another the italian Panna Cotta. No one could beat mine though (in healthiness)... Yoghurt Froz!

    This took about half an hour to assemble. It's a colorful card you can adapt to almost any kind of dessert or shape even. I'm sure you'll do it better than I did since mine overshot the card so I had to extend the card by adding a bit of paper (that looked nicer as a design element).

    By the way if you're feeling a little bit hungry for sweets hop on over to Pink Sugar Kitchen (my friend Tricia's baking machine).

    *Incidentally, I made her cutesy sugary sweet website! (which I hope you'll like) :)

    Tuesday, September 6, 2011

    Getting Lost in Spain

    I must apologize for my long hiatus. I was fulfilling a dream to travel to faraway Spain, Morocco and Greece! It was 40 glorious backpacking days with a date with 2 million people in between.
    It was my first time in Spain and I had only my tattered souvenir fan from childhood as a first

    Armed with my rusty Spanish and 4 loyal friends, we landed first in Barcelona. Our place was right smack in the middle of Las Ramblas, perfect! I marveled at the breathtaking architecture, and was specially enchanted by the old Boqueria.

    I instantly took to taking pictures of details. I wish I could stop and stare longer but we couldn't spare the time.

    Even the people were interesting to watch... I wanted to take a picture every 2 minutes!
    More of my adventures to come...

    Thursday, June 16, 2011

    Letter to My Father

    Dear Daddy,

    Thank you for being the only one who said you'd want to watch 3-D King Kong with me when I was little. Thank you for taking me to the fair afterwards and riding the horror train with me, while shielding me from the man in the gorilla suit.

    Thank you for spending those unforgettable Sunday mornings with pre-teen me and letting me play with your army tanks and singing with Diana Ross, Johnny Mathis and me. Thank you for never failing to fix things for me. Broken lamps, bathtub and the leaking loo, cabinet, the fantabulous thing in the basement (will make another post about this one) and more recently my doorknob. Thank you for being the McGyver in the family and never tiring of helping me find a battery, fuse, wrench, or loose screw (literally and figuratively).
    Thank you for teaching me to love learning. You taught me to be a forever student of life. One is never too old to discover. You have taught many others this gift and they have made a living out of it.
    Thank you for bringing history to life through your stories of the war. Thank you for bringing the present to me by being my radio, telling me what is happening in the world before anyone else. Thank you for bringing excitement to the future by the new projects you have yet to show us.

    Most of all thank you Daddy for always making us laugh until our tummies ache! You're always "game" on Games Night and half the fun is just watching your expressions!

    Thank you Daddy for being who you are in my life. Don't ever change! Stay as wonderful as you are! Happy Father's Day!

    *I hope you like my gift wrapped in brown paper decorated with Papemelroti and Tim Holtz stamps. Thank you to Lucky Palm for the vintage photograph and Vintage Catnip for the border.

    Sunday, June 12, 2011

    Today is a special day for 3 reasons. First, it is our country's 113th Independence Day. We celebrate the freedom that Philippine heroes Apolinario Mabini, Gregorio del Pilar and Emilio Jacinto have won for us Filipinos.

    More so we commemorate Dr. Jose Rizal, our peace-loving national hero on his 150th birth anniversary. His life was marked by personal sacrifice to ignite the Filipino's passion for independence. The third event today is the birthday of the Christian church. The beginning of Pentecost. "Pente" means "50" marking the 50th day of Passover. We've had 50 days of Easter, more than Lent's 40.

    It is a deeply significant freedom that Christ won for us that day as He sent a mighty wind over the timid, anxious apostles and transformed them into bold warriors defending the cross and eloquent preachers of His life and Word.

    His Holy Spirit now dwells within our hearts for those of us who believe and from Him we draw the 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit - Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Fortitude, Knowledge, Piety and Fear of the Lord. He gave us a 7 in 1 deal on a permanently free promo offer!

    Whenever we feel unsure, we can draw upon these gifts that reside in our heart and know that we are never alone.

    We are truly blessed with abundance!

    "Whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance." - Matthew 13:12

    I've been following the Lord since I was 16 years old and I've been extremely blessed at every turn. Sometimes I think I've seen everything, and have reached the ultimate limit to God's generosity. But this Pentecost, Christ promises even more abundance than I have ever known.There is more that He desires for us. He is not yet finished. For those that love Him, He has an overwhelming urge to give like a high-powered waterfall that never ends.

    My sister Patsy gave a Creative Journaling session yesterday and this is what I made. I only used a permanent marker and a silver gel pen. We only had about half an hour to finish our journal entries.

    It's really a big scribble but it's something to remind me of a truth that I must never forget. That there is no limit to what God can do in our lives and today all we have to do is to accept all He offers us and say "Yes Lord I want even more"!!!

    “What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived the things God has prepared for those who love him." - 1 Corinthians 2:9

    Tuesday, May 17, 2011

    Alabama Arts and Crafts Fair

    What an interesting weekend fair I participated in with my sister Patsy and very good friend (and crafter herself) Sylvia G.

    Knowing about it only about 3 weeks earlier, we thought, bought, produced products in a frenzy. May sister made pretty collage paintings, Sylvia made beaded watches and I made Earth Friendship bracelets made of upcycled plastic shopping bags.This was a weekend of many firsts. First time for me to participate and showcase these bracelets I made (to the world), first launch of this venue (and my first time to be here), first time my sister exhibited her paintings and Sylvia her bead thongs and watches. It was also my first time to sell my homemade lavender perfume.First it was an outdoor fair but when we heard the thunder sounds, we were instructed to move inside Resurreccion, the host house of this event. Resurreccion gives new life to possibly worn down common household items into new lovable things to cherish. This is where I first saw a computer monitor shell made into a lamp shade. Ingenious and fun!

    Local artisans sold jewelry, stationery, paintings, hand-painted accessories, postcards, noteclips, curio items, pottery, even doggy clothing! Robert Alejandro, my brother has his own room filled with his work. My favorite pieces were the surprise matchboxes.

    Jetro Rafael of Van Gogh is Bipolar Restaurant cooked up a storm in his mad lab and made our tummies happy with his healthy Pasta Salad, solidly yummy Potatoes and organic iced tea.
    The first item to be sold was Patsy's painting of the woman who touched Jesus' hem and was healed. The flowers were her prayers going up to heaven. I really loved this piece of art as well. If it were in white pale muted tones I would have snatched it myself (since my room is in that theme). It's the painting on the utmost left side with woman's profile.

    So far as I know this is the first of its kind and probably the first of many more art fairs. I heard this might happen every month or every year. We'll see. Such a nice way to inspire and spark creativity in our country!

    Thank you to my brother Robert and sister Patsy for the pictures! Thank you Sylvia for being there the whole time! Congratulations Alabama!

    Resurreccion is at 10-A Alabama St., New Manila, Quezon City, Philippines

    Visit Robert's Sketching Backpacker Blog at
    Visit Patsy's Heartworks Blog at


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