Saturday, March 19, 2011

Braided Beads

How are you all? I'm hoping you're right smack in the middle of a lovely day. I am. I'm resting from usually jam-packed weekends with back to back appointments.I had some time this morning to fiddle around with bits of beads and strips of recycled material (this can be anything really, leather, plastic, cloth). Here's what I made. First came the anklet. It's waterproof yey!Then came my fave piece, something I call the purple paradise bracelet. I love these little beads that I purchased in an assortment all tied up together in a beads shop.
By this time I was totally hooked! I thought how would it look if I added paper beads that I made previously. The color scheme could be improved I know but I only worked with what I had.I was pretty sleepy by the time I was finishing up my last (quite simple) piece which has 4 instead of 3 strips to braid. A very addicting craft project that would be a lovely memento to give to a friend. Something of a variation on the Friendship Bracelet. Indeed all our lives are intertwined in some way and we have the gift to share the joy as well of sorrows of others.*My heart goes out to Japan nowadays and pray for the rebuilding of their devastated cities. May we all do what we can to lend them a helping hand.

Be blessed!


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