Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Getting Lost in Spain

I must apologize for my long hiatus. I was fulfilling a dream to travel to faraway Spain, Morocco and Greece! It was 40 glorious backpacking days with a date with 2 million people in between.
It was my first time in Spain and I had only my tattered souvenir fan from childhood as a first

Armed with my rusty Spanish and 4 loyal friends, we landed first in Barcelona. Our place was right smack in the middle of Las Ramblas, perfect! I marveled at the breathtaking architecture, and was specially enchanted by the old Boqueria.

I instantly took to taking pictures of details. I wish I could stop and stare longer but we couldn't spare the time.

Even the people were interesting to watch... I wanted to take a picture every 2 minutes!
More of my adventures to come...


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