Friday, October 21, 2011

Yoghurt Pop-Up Card

A good friend of mine does such lovely desserts. That's why we call her the dessert diva. She piles cupcake after cupcake, frost over fruit, cookie after crumble in an artful way that deserves another blog post by itself.

So on her birthday we decided to honor her with which dessert we thought she would be. One said she was Strawberry Shortcake. One said Tiramisu. Another the italian Panna Cotta. No one could beat mine though (in healthiness)... Yoghurt Froz!

This took about half an hour to assemble. It's a colorful card you can adapt to almost any kind of dessert or shape even. I'm sure you'll do it better than I did since mine overshot the card so I had to extend the card by adding a bit of paper (that looked nicer as a design element).

By the way if you're feeling a little bit hungry for sweets hop on over to Pink Sugar Kitchen (my friend Tricia's baking machine).

*Incidentally, I made her cutesy sugary sweet website! (which I hope you'll like) :)


  1. Hi Christina! I've been waiting for your updates in your blog. Oh please don't think of me as a stalker. ;-) I'm more of a fan.

    I visited your friend's site and it looks cute, sweet and definitely an eye candy.

    I always love the idea of this pop out cards. I have tried making a very simple one back in High School. And today, with the presence of technology, internet and those e-cards with animations, I still prefer and treasure handmade cards and even notes. Anything handmade for me is very personalized, special and is a rare art from the heart.

    Wishing you a great weekend ahead!

  2. Cute card, but you should have put it right side up! Patsy from

  3. Thank you Diane and Patsy for keeping up to date with my blog! Sorry for some reason (and after several tries, with saving a different image and so forth) the photo just doesn't want to right itself! :)


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