Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Paper Roll Wreathe

Stop, don't throw that away! Make something new and help the environment as well by not adding to the tons of waste materials in landfills.

There are countless ways to recycle the cardboard from a tissue roll.

For this project you need:

bathroom paper rolls (around 15 or so depending on the size of your wreathe)
glue gun and sticks

memo clips
box carton
a round bowl or plate
string or twine

To Do:
  1. Cut the paper roll following the spiral line around.

    1. Curl and roll into a rose, folding in or outside along the way to keep the bud from getting lost inside.

      Glue gun at the center and at the back (take care not to show the glue in front of the rose). The back doesn't have to be beautiful. See...
    2. Set aside to dry. Use memo clips to hold together. Make the other roses in the same way.
    3. Make the base of the wreathe by holding down the round plate or bowl on a piece of box carton. Mark the outline with a pencil. You will now have a round pencil mark which you can use as the base of the wreathe.
    4. Estimate about 2 inches all around from the pencil outline and make a circle inside so you can 2 concentric circles. Cut it out.
    5. Tie the twine or string around the top of the wreathe base for the hanger.
    6. Glue gun the roses all around on to the base and make sure you are covering the box carton. Let dry.
    7. Hang up on your door and enjoy.
    Variation: You may want to spray paint the wreathe white or silver. Put a ribbon at the bottom.

    Monday, October 24, 2011

    Today's Advice

    Won't you take a little time out today to think and see how your life is going in the grand scheme of things?

    Do you stand tall in facing the adversities that pepper the daily grind?
    Do you reward yourself with breaks each day or push yourself to the limit?

    Are you focused on achieving and sometimes lose focus on friendships?
    Do you believe that God is watching over you or think He's looking in the other direction?

    Are you afraid of small changes? or big ones? Are you brave enough to try something new?
    Hope you like my bits and pieces of thought today blended into my photographs. It's meant to disturb you a little but not a lot. Just enough to make mental notes of little life changes you want to make. Consider these today's advice for you. Bless you!


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