Friday, December 30, 2011

Free Favicons

Hello dears,

I feel just wonderful today because a loved one's operation went so smoothly.  Thank you Lord!  I feel like giving away something for the new year~!

Here are some free favicons!  You may use them for your blogs or websites, personal or commercial.

If you aren't familiar with what these are, just look above to the top of my blog and you'll notice a cute yellow cat beside "calej d'art" - - - that's a favicon.

To save these onto your blog, just right click and "Save as" into any name you like.  Then go to your blog dashboard then go to "Layout" and then click on the "Edit" in the Favicon section.  You just need to upload any of these cute images so your blog url won't be so lonely up there.

Hope you like these!

*If you can put a link to me on your blog it would be deeply deeply appreciated.  If not, it's okay as well.  It's a gift without strings.

All the best for 2012!


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