Wednesday, January 11, 2012

DIY Recycling Old Calendars

Woohoooo 2011 is gone and 2012 is here!

Welcome to this new year and goodbye to our old calendars.  But hold on, don't trash these just yet.  They can still be made into so many new things.  Let's see...

This old calendar -

Here are some projects:

Start with the calendar backing like this -
Most calendars have a sturdy backing and particularly for this project, I used a calendar from the bank which had a stand in the bottom.

Then you will need some magazines that you can tear the pages of.  Fold a page (accordion style) into 1/2 inch x length of magazine page and when you have the folded strips, roll them into different sizes like so -

- and then you can already glue onto the calendar backing to make this pretty picture frame!

Another project is a calendar clock.
You might have an inexpensive clock lying around which you've gotten tired of.
Bore a hole through the calendar enough to put the clock parts in.  Get the clock mechanism and position on the calendar.  You may use Number Rubber Stamps for the hours or you can use old buttons instead and position around the hands (like a regular clock).  Decorate with cloth triangles at the corners to add interest.

Another project you can make is a collage "book" or cover for a journal.  Get some pretty paper sheets.  Music notation is especially nice to use.  Tear them with your hands to make that nice torn effect rather than cutting with the scissors.  Glue lightly across to cover the backing.  You can add a picture or two (like the cat picture) and decorate with rubber stamps (again!). 

Another nice thing to turn your calendar into is a Blessings Bulletin Board.  Cover the backing with nice patterned paper (giftwrapper, wallpaper, cloth) and print out the word "Blessings" on cartolina.  Cut the cartolina around and paste onto the board.

Place this board beside post-it pads so that when you have a blessing you don't want to forget, you can paste it onto the board!  A good idea is to make one board for every month of the year.  I'm sure you won't have much space left for all the blessings that will come your way!

If you'd like, you can also make this old calendar into a new calendar!!!

Use some white paint or gouache to paint over the backing so it will have a nice painted effect.  Even if the page has written content, the paint will make it "blank" again.  Print out the 2012 months using online calendar services like this

Lots of notes and reminders on your desk?
Get some cork...

and do the Calendar Corkboard! 

You can buy cork at bookstores.  Attach using glue.

The calendar pages don't have to go to waste either.  Just some folding and cutting and then voila!  They're envelopes already!  To make your folding nice, use a rounded pen at the edges so it's a nice clean fold.

 Hope you enjoyed the many ways you can recycle calendars.  I'm sure you can add some more!


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