Monday, January 23, 2012

DIY Valentine Box

Valentine's day will be here soon and it's never too early to prepare a special treat for your special someone.  

Here's a project full of heart and earth-friendship.

It's a box made of cloth scraps and an old toothpaste box.  It's fun and easy to make.  It took me longer to un-plug the glue than to finish everything.  
Good thing for me, I store away anything that might come handy in the future. I had a bagful of pink and lavender hued cloth scraps.
I patronize local brands so I go for Hapee toothpaste (not a paid advert;)

All you need:

old cardboard (from toothpaste box or anywhere)
cloth scraps (preferably with valentine colors)
scissors (1 for paper and if you have another 1 for cloth)
white glue
red duct tape
ribbon in matching color as your cloth pieces

How to:

1. Prepare the cardboard for cutting.  With your pencil, mark on the middle section some boxes.  My toothpaste box had the thinnest sections in widths of 4.25 cm so I marked them in equal widths to make perfect squares.

2. Keep making the boxes until you have something like a cross.  4 boxes lengthwise and 1 each on the side of the second middle box.
3. Cut your scrap cloth in the exact same sizes as the box squares.  Iron out the creases before cutting.  Look how pretty they all look bunched together.
4. Glue the cloth to the cardboard cross one by one and making sure it's neatly done.  This will be the outer portion of your box.

5. Stick duct tape to the other side.  This will be the side inside the box. 

6. Punch 2 holes on the side notches... 
... so you can place the ribbon like this. 
7. Tie and put some goodies like some red kisses inside.  
Your loved one will surely enjoy receiving something you made with much love and care. 

Enjoy each moment of life!

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