Saturday, September 15, 2012

Filipiniana Sketches

Sharing with you today some sketches with a Filipiniana theme.

This is my version of Manila's jeepneys. Nowadays you see jeeps with airbrushed faces of family members or proclamations of faith like "God saves".

I love our traditional attire - the maria clara and the barong. I always feel so special on occasions we wear these.

They're made of lightweight "cool" fabric with intricate embroidery. During the olden times, this was everyone's everyday wear.

Hope you enjoyed these. Have a stress free day today!

Oh and in case you're interested, I've started a new blog about my volunteer tutoring activities with children from underprivileged communities in the metro. Thats where i am going later.

Initially i just wanted a place to share the blessings of this service. I guess it will be a venue for people to learn more about it too.

If ever you want to do something to help them, just drop me a line. :)


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