Wednesday, March 28, 2012

DIY Dollhouse Project

I find recycling quite magical.  Finding a new purpose for something old and worn gives me a lot of fulfillment.

I thought I'd try making a dollhouse that everyone can make with everyday materials.

What you need:
Big box
Duct Tape
White glue or glue gun
Paint (optional)
Toilet paper rolls
Wallpaper or any pretty patterned paper

First off I looked for a big box.  The one I found was for a UPS I recently bought.  I hardly throw anything away and just store boxes flat for upcycling them later.

 Then I cut one side off so I could create an "open house" or diorama-type house.

Then I got some red duct tape and taped the bottom.

 and did this for both sides.

I then covered the top with more duct tape and made that my quick and colorful "roof".

So the front view looked like this.

 And the back thus...
It's up to you but you can cut the 2 flaps in the top.  I left it on because they look like chimneys (though houses here don't have those!).

To make it a bit nicer, I painted the back and sides with white acrylic and lined the inside with wallpaper.  You can use any patterned paper like gift wrapper as well.  Use the glue sparingly so it won't clump and your wall comes out smooth.

You can cut out a window or door at the side too.

To put some wooden-looking borders, I got some toilet paper rolls and cut them into strips.  I used this for the floor as well.  You just need to cut them into 1/4 inch width strips and glue them on the sides.

I'll show you how I made the chairs, table, lamp and shelf in my next post.

All in all I didn't spend a thing on this because I just got what was around the house.  It still needs some decoration like a mirror (which is pretty easy to do).  

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