Sunday, August 12, 2012

Be Kind to One Another and other Reflections

Sharing with you some sketches I made these past few days.  

In the morning I spend some time in prayer and meditation on the bible.
Doing this gives me the strength, peace and joy I need for the day.

When I encounter difficult situations I remember the story of the man
who was told by God to push mountains.  He pushed and pushed everyday,
but then as time passed, he noticed the mountain was still in the same place.
He asked God why and God told him to look instead to look at
his arms, much stronger and muscled than before.

Sometimes God won't move mountains to build our spiritual muscles.

After several days of torrential rain this past week, most of Manila was flooded.

More than half a million people were affected, 
some rescued from their rooftops, others stranded without food in their homes.
I thank God that my family and friends are all safe but we need
to reach out to those who have lost so much in this calamity.

Usually Filipinos shun the sunshine for excessive exposure but when 
finally the sun came out, we were exultant!

One of today's Sunday readings is from Ephesians.
It reminded me to be kind always.  Be kind to those who think
differently, act differently, do differently.

"Without kindness, there can be no true joy" - Thomas Carlyle

UPDATE:  Some of you have asked me how to have the Be Kind on a print or a product.  I'm providing this art and if you purchase any of these products, 100% will go to He Cares Foundation, a charity that cares for street children in the Philippines.  Isn't that exciting?


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