Monday, November 12, 2012

Just Love Hot Air Balloons

Don't you just love these magical flying things?

I've never ridden in one but when I start to doodle, I usually start to draw one without thinking about it.

What if you were on a hot air balloon and it just started floating higher and higher? 

There is something so lovely about not knowing exactly where you will land.

Hot air balloons speak of adventure.  They might take you up and up and away to a castle...

or to some place where the coconut trees grow...

or they may take you up to heaven.

Wherever they will go, keep striving, keep reaching for the skies!

Let your dreams take you where you've never been before.

So that at the end of your days you've had the ride of your life!

"Oh, that I had the wings of a dove! I would fly away and be at rest" Psalm 55:6

Cats Understand English (Part 2)

Some of you know that my beautiful (faux Bengal cat) Winter passed away a week ago.
She's actually our neighbor Cozette's cat but since they have asthma in their home, she couldn't keep her.  She would visit her almost every day though.

On to Winter's English proficiency.

Ever since she was a wee kitten I would speak to her in English.  I was not sure that she would understand Tagalog you see. ;)

Winter was such a well behaved, neat, adorable kitten.  On the first night she slept on my tummy.  I told her not to poop on me and on the bed and of course she didn't.

I didn't have a problem taking care of her.  Well unless you count all the sleepless nights when she would pounce on me while I was sleeping.

When Winter was ready to go out of the house, I gave her a lot of pointers.  She didn't go very far and when I came back to check on her, she was very sore with me, so loud when she was usually so quiet.

When she was a little older, we adopted an abandoned totally black cat and we called him Midnight.  Winter then became the older sister to him.

One night, Midnight was brought inside the house 'cause it was so cold.  Winter was so agitated, so noisy and walking back and forth.  I told her that Winter is inside the house so she needn't worry.  Winter stopped meowing and all her fretting instantly.

Sometimes I would tell Winter to snuggle up with Midnight so that both of them wouldn't be so cold.  It wouldn't be long before I would see them cuddled up in the basket together.

I love having the kitties inside my room.  One time, Winter was so playful, she jumped on the bed, ran back and forth leaving things overturned.  She then plunged herself into the trash bin having the time of her life.  I told her "Winter, you can only relax inside the house, if you want to be very active, you have to go outside, so go out now".  She obediently went to the door to go out.

Later I heard her meowing.  When I opened the door, she was so ladylike, not hyper anymore.  She just rested inside taking note of what I said.

On another occasion, our housekeeper reported that Winter was seeing a Siamese belonging to our neighbor.  I got upset since that same cat caused the disappearance of Princess, our young cat before.

I had to have a talk with Winter. I told 3 times (once in cat language just in case) not to go gallivanting around with that Siamese cat since he was not to be trusted.  Winter would just look at me and I didn't really know if I was getting through to her ...

... until the next morning.

I heard a loud "Meow" outside my door.  I groggily woke up and found who else but the Siamese there loudly disrupting my sleep.  I looked around for Winter and shouted her name.  My brother who was in another part of the house said "she's here, she ran away as soon as she heard the siamese coming".  Such an obedient cat.

I'm just so upset though that she didn't obey my last instructions to take care of herself.  While on a trip outside the city, she contracted some sort of foot infection and passed away.  I was inconsolable.  The vets were not able to reach our home in time to treat her.

I'm glad though that she didn't suffer long.  I hope to meet her again at the other side of the rainbow.  I hope this post hasn't made you sad.  I just had to let the world know about a special cat named Winter.

In case this post has gotten you a bit melancholy, here are 14 stories that will warm your heart

Remember to hug those you love while they are still around!

Cats Understand English (Part 1)

I must warn you.
This post will get a bit sad in the end. Well it gets sad pretty soon too.

Decades ago I had a cat named Blacky. That cat was as sleek and as elegant as his name was un-original.  He was a beautiful tom.

One day the night turned so cold that Blacky crept into our van's fan belt. You could guess what happened the next morning when my dad started the car.

Now don't stop reading.  I promise you it will be worth it.

Blacky was brought to the vet and to have mercy on you, I won't describe the extent of his injuries.

That night I had the agonizing decision to make, have him operated on, or put him to sleep.  I could not sleep the whole night.  I tossed and turned.

I dreaded the next day when we would have to see him at the vet.  From outside the building, I could hear Blacky's torturous cries.  The vet said he was like that all night, trying to get out of the box.  I started crying ... bawling.  My sister chimed along with me despite the other people there.

After talking with the vet, we decided to put Blacky to sleep.

We went to Blacky and then I mustered up the courage to say "Black, we'll just put you to sleep okay?".  The moment I said it, Blacky stopped meowing, lay down at the bottom of the box and just silently relaxed.  My sister and I howled all the more with our tears.

That is when I learned that cats understand English.


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