Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Free Bath Labels


Sharing with you all, free downloadables for your bathroom!

It's a way to add some charm to your home and at the same time, make everything look organized and coordinated.  

These labels are in my freehand writing so there isn't any font that can duplicate these.  They're just for you so use them and have fun!

*Please take note that these are only for non-commercial purposes.  I know I can trust you :)

How to Use These Free Labels:

1.  Save the images by right-clicking and use "Save as..." option.

2. Print out on short or long bond paper.  The third set is in black ink so you can color in the spaces with markers or watercolor.

3. Glue on to your bath containers.  You can also print these on sticker paper to use more easily!

Teal Blue Labels


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