Thursday, October 8, 2015

Ask and You Shall Receive

God's graciousness is inconceivable. He is a loving Father who desires to give all the good things to His children. 

He is gladdened when His people hope in Him and trust in His infinite goodness. He delights to give us more than what we ask for or imagine!  He is an amazing God and He can never be outdone in generosity.

So we are asked to ask!  And we shall receive!  What will you ask for?

God always gives us His best for our greater good. Thank You Father God.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Secrets from the Fish Belly

Jonah prayed in the pit- in the whale's belly where there was no light. He probably asked for forgiveness for running from God. 

It took him 3 days to get right with God and decide to go to his enemies and preach to them. 

When we disobey God, we are cut off from blessing, from our mission, from others, from the light of day.  Just as Jonah tried to run away from his purpose, he was alienated from people, and literally got eaten up by the situation.

It could have been the end for Jonah but we know it's just the beginning.  He realizes he can't run away from his destiny and his God.

He prays and at that moment, he is conveniently catapulted into land - and he then knows he must do what he must do.

Sometimes we find ourselves in darkness and though we are paralyzed by fear of what's to come, we somehow know what we need to do (but somehow don't want to do).  Just like Jonah, we can pray, and be empowered.

Until we do what we were created for, we will be in this deep, dark hole of nothingness and our future can be as bleak as someone who is in a whale's belly.  All we need to do, to find the strength to "just do it" is to pray and put one foot in front of the other knowing that "all things are possible for him who believes". (Mark 9:23)

God's Mercy

If Nineveh can be forgiven, then so can I. 

Nineveh was a place just like Sodom. It was a very ungodly place. 

But the story of Jonah is a prefigurement of Christ's coming.  

Like Jonah, Christ was in the dark depths 3 days, and afterwards, His saving grace allowed us to repent and come back to God. 

Jonah had to save those who oppressed him just as Christ did, and just as you and I are called to do. 

We are surrounded by people, and people can unwittingly hurt us. Let's love and serve others even when they've been a source of pain for us.  This is one of the secrets of this story.

Meet Hailey

Meet Hailey!

She's my new kitty.

She actually chose her own name!  Being somewhat indecisive, I told her to come to me if she liked the name I called out.  I think I must have called her 50 or something names.  She didn't like any of the,.  I was getting desperate so I thought she seemed to respond to "kitty" so I ran through the list again, this time, putting a "y" at the end of each name.

Snow became Snowy.  Fluff became Fluffy.  Ash became Ashy.  Hail became Hailey.  Hey, she is running toward me!

Then I thought to myself, what kind of a name is Hailey?  I looked it up and found it was a word to describe "a beautiful girl who is lively, friendly and fun."  That was perfect for her! 

My other cat Midnight pretty much named himself too.  Midnight was the name I thought of and it was at the end of the list so how happy I was to see him coming toward me when I called it out!

Hailey has a sister.  Her sister's name is Bailey.  Isn't that cute that she picked a name that rhymed with her sister's?

Hailey is so so so sweet!  


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