Friday, February 17, 2017

Feathery Friend

"He who fashioned the heart of each,
he who knows all their works." Psalm 33:15

As I was looking out the window today, a bird fluttered by.  The years peeled away and I was taken back to 2006, when I took in a baby bird, close to death and nursed him 49 days to finally "leave the nest" and fly away.  (see below)

Our family named him Squirt and he went everywhere with us.  I taught him how to fly and to look fierce (see video above) so as to ward away predators.  He would perch on our shoulders and eat bananas from our hands.  He was truly a part of the family.

I was suddenly taken back to the porch of our home, telling Squirt to go and live his life. I was afraid that one day, one of the cats living outside our house would catch him.  I couldn't ever live with that memory, so like a mama bird, I told Squirt to fly away.

On a day like today, I'm missing my feathery friend.  He was like a "son" to me.  Despite my lack of sleep checking on him (seeing if he was still alive), and poop ridden bed (covered in brown paper), I would be elated by his progress such as, having a bird batch by himself in the middle of the night.  I did research and found that a bird was an adult once he started "talking". Indeed, Squirt did. He was a talkative one, not chirping, but talking.  You would only know what I mean if you heard a bird talk.

In my heart of hearts I'm wishing that Squirt knew how much I cared about him and miss him.  Sometimes I regret letting him go so fast.  

But I take comfort that whatever love is in our hearts - that we give away - even to the wee creatures of the earth, is never wasted.  God knows all that we do out of love.  He created our hearts with each having the capacity to love greatly.  He knows all that molds and breaks our hearts.

I know not one sparrow falls to the ground without our heavenly father knowing.  He loves each of His creations even more than I love Squirt!  

God knows each of our loves, and never forgets.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Use What You Have

Sometimes I see a piece of art that just inspires me so much that I want to buy all the materials the artist used to create that piece.

I find myself at the art supply store looking for the exact brush or nib or brand.

Then a bad thing happens, I won't use what I bought!

Has this ever happened to you? Well consider yourself patted on the back if it hasn't.

All too often I buy something and realize I already had something similar.

So, in reminding myself with this graphic to USE WHAT YOU HAVE. Don't go looking for what you don't have - but look at what you already have!

For all you know, you're only meant to use these exact materials to make a piece that is uniquely you!!!

This goes with life too! We may think, "if only I was thinner.." or "smarter" or "more creative". No, use what you have, be who you are (with all the flaws) and what you have will become beautiful! (Or already is!!!)


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