Saturday, February 25, 2017

Notebook Craft Project

Got time for a 10-minute craft?

Just recently I got a whole bunch of used paper from the office just to save these from the trash bin.  They were a bunch of bond paper with writings on the back. I also got a bunch of old receipts we no longer needed - without knowing what to do with them.

So I thought maybe there was a way to make them look nicer while they were waiting to be used.

Since I know myself and that I have a weakness for thinking I don't have all the materials I need and buy much too hastily - I purposely looked around the house for stuff I had and then used them for this project.  I suggest you do that too!  It might save you some time and money!

So basically I had all of these around so I didn't need to buy anything!  Weeeee!



Paint brush
Hole Puncher

I actually have a paper cutter so that was really nifty to use.  I must say that you don't really need perfectly cut pieces of paper unless you're giving this to someone.  You're recycling!  (excuses excuses)

1.  Cut the paper to the size you want your pages to be!  Silly me, I wasn't able to take a picture of me cutting the burlap but it's similar to cutting the paper anyways except, make it twice as big - as it will cover your whole notebook.

2.  Punch holes for the brads to go through.   I made a notebook and a little notepad so - for the notebook, I made 3 holes and for the notepad, just 1 hole.  You can make as many holes as your dear heart desires.

3. Here comes the most fun part!  Painting!  You can use whatever type of paint lying about.  If you plan to wash this, use fabric paint of course.  I actually used calligraphy ink because I'm going away and it might dry up before I get back.  I don't really know what will the effect be - but at least I didn't have to go out and buy some paint.

4.  Go on and attach everything to everything!

5.  This is how the back looks.  Don't want them to be sticking out that way?  You can glue gun a piece of ribbon or duct tape it (really?) :)

6.  This is the back of the notepad.  The burlap is in front and at the back portion to make it a little bit stronger.

7.  Tadah!  Finished notepad.  That was fast!  For the notebook, I just tied some string to secure (but not really necessary.

I joined the Craft blog parties at Paper Sweeties!  Thanks for hosting y'all!

Monday, February 20, 2017

10 Reasons I am Against the Death Penalty

Dear Reader,

The issue of the death penalty has come up again recently and is presently being debated on at  

10 Reasons I am against the death penalty... (aside from the fact that it is morally wrong to kill someone).

1. If the person was wrongly accused, a reversal of the verdict cannot bring the person back.

2. Studies show the death penalty doesn't reduce the crime rate. U.S. research show that regions with no death penalty have consistently lower homicide rates compared to states with it in place.

3. People with insufficient funds, being unable to get good lawyers can easily be convicted.

4. If we, as a nation approve this bill, our taxes will fund this act, making us co-perpetrators. A quote says it well, "Why do we kill people who kill people to show killing people is wrong?"

5. I don't want to give the government the power to kill people. 

Sorry I still have trust issues.

6. "Imposing a death sentence as a consequence of killing wrongly perpetuates a cycle of violence in our community," said Rev. Rene Robert who worked with criminals with mental health issues and was eventually killed by one of them. He asked that the Governor “take whatever action is necessary” to prevent any person convicted of his murder from being executed. “During my life," he wrote, "I want to feel confident that under no circumstances whatsoever will my death result in the capital punishment of another human being.”

7. Some victims and their families have expressed that healing didn't take place when the criminal was killed and some even experienced regret.

8. "Revenge" isn't a good idea.

9. I believe you can still find God even if you are a hardened criminal and have a changed life (even behind bars).

10. Of course... LIFE is sacred, a gift from God that only God has the right to take.

What do you think about the Death Penalty?


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