The Little Things

  Do you have a collection of happy memories that you look back on when times are rough?   Some of the things I love to recall are: Sundays with my father singing along with Johnny Mathis sipping flowers with classmates at grade school my sister mesmerizing me with her made-up story my friends painstakingly teaching me to dance so I could pass the auditions to the dance troupe the very first time I had dinner across the man I was going to marry the pictures and notes my family and friends drew when I was in the hospital my brother and I dancing the night away (crazily) at a party the neighborhood kitty and I cat-ching up the baby bird I was taking care of taking his first bird bath in the wee hours of the morning having tea with a friend at a cozy cafe my siblings and I crowded inside a telephone booth There are too many to recall.  One can get lost in the many beautiful memories that life can carry.  One can get bogged down with the cares of every day.  I believe that there are more g

Do Your Vocation with Love

Time to be Grateful

Family is Forever

God will Provide

Keep safe and dry dear friends!

Leave a Good Imprint on Someone's Soul

Easy DIY: Turn Plastic Bag into String

The Soldier on the Moon

The Red Underpants

My Perpetual Helper

The Best Things in Life are Free (for Covid)

May 24 - Memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church

A Song of Praise: Tribute to Jing Pilapil

May 15: Daddy Sailed Away

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