Collage Art for a Magazine Article

I was commissioned to do work for Baby Magazine as they did a feature on us siblings last December. Since it was difficult to schedule a time when all of us could be together on a photo shoot, this was an excellent replacement. It shows us as children using our imagination mostly rather than toys.

Growing up, I remember my siblings making me a paper doll out of paper and cardboard as well as its numerous clothing. My brother Robert made "Patrick" and my sister Peggy made "Pamela". These well-loved paper dolls are with me to this day, preserved with love.

The article was about how creativity grows when children have to make up their own toys, recycling different things laying about in the house (like making a horror house out of headless dolls) or making up games that amuse (like throwing wet tissue paper and see whose sticks on the ceiling longest... ugggh).

I get ribbed a lot since I am the youngest and "richest" of all. When I was born, the family was considerably more well off and could afford a few niceties for me. Still, I was too little for the "Funny Company" and could only go "gaagaa googoo" so I missed a lot of that growing up. I had to content myself with torturing my yaya (I was the only one who had one).

We are arranged from eldest to youngest and what we are doing tells a story of its own. Can you guess what we are doing?

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Calej lives in Japan with her husband. She designs and doodles for a living.


  1. That's awesome! But no, I can't figure out what you're doing :)


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