My Prize from One World One Heart

Did I tell you I won a prize (actually many little prizes) because I joined the One World One Heart Giveaway Blog Event?

Well, my prize, a little Junque Bird arrived! I'm so very very happy and excited! At first I was afraid it would get squished traveling all the way from the USA to the Philippines but it arrived unscathed!

It came with several other goodies that I chose from Cindy's Website or
It is fondly displayed on my desk at work beside another win of mine, this time an own (saving this information for another blog).

Incidentally over the past week, people have been giving me stranded baby birds to take care of. I've had success with 3 birds and have lost 1 so I can tell if it is likely they will survive with me or not.
Both baby birds that were given to me to take care of were old enough to shout for their mothers and had low-flying skills they could use to flee predators so I decided to leave them in the vicinity where they were found. Actually "they" decided this as they flew away.
Which brings me back to my Junque Bird. It is so precious to me all the more since it was made for me by Cindy and in the color I requested.

Other items from my win were a ring binder notebook, some craft paper and embellishments for projects.

If you want to win something this May, there is a similar contest with a Summer Set available as a prize. Click on over to and see if you want to join!

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