Strung Memories

Beads delight me. It's fascinating how one bead can seem so different from another yet look so good together. Combining different materials and pulling it off to make something beautiful is a gift. I've been experimenting with what I have and discovering what makes my eyes happy.

I found out that I like old things. They make me think and feel fuzzy all over. They make my imagination soar to far off places impossible to visit.

A thousand stories can be found in a single bead, specially if it is worn out, rusty and dusty. Here I combined silver with pearl, brown with gold and photographed it atop a vintage doily.

The metal square with glass cover has two sides with images. The pictures encased were designed by my sister Peggy. She loves making ATCs (artist trading cards and has her own blog at

I like combining metal with a cord so that it is more interesting. Butterflies also fascinate me. I cannot duplicate this piece anymore since the beads are just from odds and ends.

One day, another sister saw this first before she saw me! I was wearing it to our community assembly and it caught her eye. It's a lot like the ATCs that she also makes. She is the Queen of ATCs in our family and my other sisters are close behind. Her blog is found at

My third sister is the best at jewelry making among all of us. Her work inspires me to make my own. In fact this necklace is very similar to her designs just because I love it so much! Her blog is found at

Ever since I could remember, my sisters have been crafters. They seem to always have something cooking (but not in the kitchen). They are always learning about some new art form and sharing about fresh ideas they've seen.

We are a lot like beads that are so different but look very well together. We have the same interests and have so many things to talk about. We are also growing old through time yet the memories we share become more precious as the years go by.

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Calej lives in Japan with her husband. She designs and doodles for a living.


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