Oh me Oh my

It's February the 16th and I'm a bit gloomy. Today is the announcement of One World One Heart (OWOH) winners and my inbox has been too silent. Not a single win this year! Oh me! Oh my!Though I know that the event is not really about winning things, it is somewhat disappointing to find out that not even one of the beautiful handmade art things were not coming my way! Last year, my two wins got me too hopeful!

My winner sounds very happy though! I mailed her the two little books I've authored and some other surprises as well so I hope she will be excited when they arrive in the mail! The thought of someone getting a prize perks me up though!

In commemoration of my no-wins day, I drew a somber lady in a reflective look. She isn't crying (even though I told my sisters, I was going to draw a crying lady) because she has gone through some of the most amazing blogs and have "met" some really wonderfully gifted artists through the whole OWOH experience!

I've also received much praise for my work and a load of blog visitors this year so there, I'm comforted and my heart is eased. I will definitely visit my new favorite blogs and enjoy the new friends I've made as well! :)

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Calej lives in Japan with her husband. She designs and doodles for a living.


  1. I'm sorry you didn't win anything : (

    Do you want to do a trade of some kind?!

  2. CALEJ!!!!!!!! You did win! You were the second runner up for my blog ~ you will be receiving the little needle felted canies and the cupcake magnets ~ Hope that cheers you up ~ I will be mailing ASAP. Hugs to you!!! Nancy & Angus

  3. Oh wow I'm soooo surprised! How lovely to know that I won something! I got two announcements today oh me oh my I need to make a joyful girl now!!! Thanks so very much to Pedlyn of Style on a Shoe String and The Strawberry Mallard!!! :) Hugs and ♥♥♥ to you!!!

  4. Congrats on your surprise wins! I didn't win anything, but tis okay. I didn't enter that many because I've just been so busy with my own blog and painting.

    I think the woman you drew is stunning!



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