Dreaming of Crafts

Last night I was dreaming of crafts! My mind was brimming with ideas and there was too little time to do them all!

It was like a garden a-bloom with all sorts of materials, designs, cuttings, colors and shapes.

My days pass so quickly that the minutes seem to fly into hours seamlessly.

I want to experiment with cloth and dolls but I'm thinking of when when when.

My painting came in today of "The Lady and the Wood". No, it's not the Lady in the Wood, it's the Lady and the Wood.

It's an oil painting of a lady in lavender hues being approached by a tree. The tree is courting the lady because of the threat to the environment. It's painted in a girly fashion and unusually so because it was crafted in the most unlikely of places.

The painter is an inmate in a local jail. I visited their exhibit a few days ago and it was amazing! I felt like I was inside an art gallery and not inside a prison with no bars and chains!

But wait, my picture should be of the painting! It will come soon, maybe in my next blog. For now, I leave you with my bold flowers. The butterfly hovers above giving the petals some love!

Bless you!

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Calej lives in Japan with her husband. She designs and doodles for a living.


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