Saturday Stampin'

Stamps are really a great favorite among scrapbooking enthusiasts and crafters. I'm no exception. Today I made some of my own. These are my first so they're really rough.
It's easy to make these specially if you have large erasers. I was able to find only medium sized ones so the limitation to keep it a bit elongated was a bit of a challenge but nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed shaping and carving these!

I then found some plain stationery with gradating color. It was also a happy experience using my wavy scissors for the very first time as well! It's sometimes tricky to keep the stamp imprint free of any corners so I used the back of a pointy craft tool (whose name just escapes me at the moment).

On the way home this afternoon, I thought of stopping by the hardware and getting some wire for soldering. This will be my first attempt as well! I haven't gone on a creativity craze like this for a long while!

Dreaming of a DSLR to take better shots of my work! Fingers and toes crossed! :)

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Calej lives in Japan with her husband. She designs and doodles for a living.


  1. Hi Calej,
    What beautiful stamps you made! I can't believe it's your first try! The stationary is lovely too. And, honestly, I dream of a nice camera too! ....aaahhh.... someday

    Looking forward to seeing your soldering projects.

  2. Thanks Janee! You're a dear kind one! I'm inspired to make more! When my pictures are already crisp and clear then my dream has come true! :)


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