Vintage Shop

It's fun finding a shop with the old and new residing together amicably. The vintage shop of papemelroti is one of those rare finds in the city where multinational chain brands dominate. Here you'll find some fresh items that are just starting out in the market and some that have been pre-loved and are looking for a second life!

What you'll see...

Cloth button earrings (3 pairs for P100), unusually large but truly fabulous brass rings, chain pendants, flower belts and bags, bright and mix matched bracelets, jewelry, special artsy and evening clothes!

Take a visit using the slideshow below.

The Vintage Shop opened just recently and you can find nice clothes (old and new), jewelry, accessories, caps, hair stuff, and so many interesting little things.

Hope you get a chance to visit!

It's at 91 Roces Ave., QC at the second floor of Papemelroti's main building, Korben Place.

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Calej lives in Japan with her husband. She designs and doodles for a living.