Whipped up Some Clips

Craft glue is a joy to use as it works on metal, cloth, wood and of course paper. Here are my glaze creations glued onto wooden clothespins.

These can be used for putting up little reminders all over the house or for hanging clothes to dry (still).

This is my collage drawing of a wide eyed lady with one eye half closed glazed on the bottle cap.

I'm thinking of trading these on Delightful Whimsy's trading site. I don't know if anyone would like them. I was thinking of making a matching set that would go well with stationery.

The trading site is on http://favoritethings.typepad.com/tradingpost/
Why not check it out?

I also used other designs such as music sheets, flower faces, filipiniana woman, and even a graphic version of my face (try to find out where that is)!

I also colored in the clothespin so it's a little bit fancier. Do you like the effect?

A favorite theme of mine is the drama images that we use as gift wrapping paper in the shop. It looks a bit different from our other cute wrappers.

The last image is using that singularly simple combination of red printing on white. These stark contrasts look well with this project. I found that pastels and muted colors didn't come out as well.

I hope you like these! Have a crafty weekend! (I am!)

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Calej lives in Japan with her husband. She designs and doodles for a living.


  1. so cute! i like the caps on plain clothespins :)

  2. Love your artsy clothespins! Very clever.

    Thanks so much for visiting Brynwood! I've joined your followers and look forward to learning more about you in future visits.


  3. wow what kind of glaze did u use to give it a pop-up effect? :D


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