Wow an Award!

I'm really new to blog awards but I'm delighted to be nominated!

It's an honor to receive the Kreativ Blogger award yet I'm a little bit bashful since it was given to me by my loving sister who authors Heartworks!

All the same, I'm jumping in and joining the bandwagon to nominate my own favorites and a little later on post 7 facts about myself (this is a must to join).

My current blog faves are:
1. Elsa Mora who makes such exquisite porcelain pieces, scherenschnittes, dolls, sculpture oh my the list goes on and on! Heavenly work!

2. A Fanciful Twist takes you to a magical dreamland of artistic endeavors

3. Domestic Goddess makes fantastic layouts which makes for such extraordinary scrapbooking!

4. Patina Soul shares my love of all things antiqued and worn and full of character

5. Stempeltanz makes each printed page an essential wondrous piece of her work!

6. Nina Seven makes such bright and charming illustrations

7. Papemelroti is the last but not the least... It's where all my creations and the creations of my family end up in!

Whew! That was hard to do! I have so many many favorites and they all deserve a mention!

To share the 7 facts about myself...

1. I appeared on a magazine when I was probably about 5.

2. I happily tutor children Math and English twice a month despite not being a teacher really.

3. My idea of fun is working... on artsy projects! Sorry, predictable!

4. Our cuddly cat is named Princess.

5. The wooden bench in my room needs to be painted white!

6. I am passionate about preserving the environment!

7. And my family is so close that we see each other at almost all times of the day - we all live close by, vacation together and even work together! That's a big blessing! ♥

Congratulations to all my nominees! Big hug!

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Calej lives in Japan with her husband. She designs and doodles for a living.


  1. Christina - Im so honored to be chosen for your blogger award. What a special surprise.
    Thanks so much!

  2. Christina,
    Thank you! You are so kind. :)

  3. Christina,
    thank you for the award!

  4. Thank you Christina!!
    All my best!
    Elsita :)

  5. Bless you all for being such wonderful bloggers! :)


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