Kindness is King

Today I was a recipient of kindness. Someone gave me a name. Someone answered my request. Someone said thank you.
So many people smiled at me today. A car stopped so I drive ahead.

Someone helped me find a phone number. A receptionist chatted with me to pass the time. A kind woman listened to my story and assured me of a brighter three days ahead. Someone didn't reprimand me (even when I deserved it).
A lady told me I looked pretty when I felt so flawed.

A drugstore salesman helped me find everything I needed. A security guard pointed out the salt.
Someone cooked for us a recipe I looked up. My mom sheltered me with her big umbrella. A friend said she would pray for me. Another friend said I should pamper myself. A kind priest waited patiently for us. He listened, encouraged, advised and blessed us.

There is so much kindness in each day if only we have have the eyes to see it.

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Calej lives in Japan with her husband. She designs and doodles for a living.