Messages in a Bottle

A very good friend of mine celebrates her public commitment to our Christian Community! To welcome her and honor her, we made little notes on how we see God working in her life and how she is such a blessing to us. I put it in a glass jar, covered it with tea stained lace and ribbons with fabric flowers that I made the night before the event. I also asked people to send their greetings (all last minute!) and they sent theirs promptly. They're so cooperative! I calligraphed the messages onto the beige textured paper. My friend Mavi (that's her name) said she loved it! That is a nice reward indeed!

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Calej lives in Japan with her husband. She designs and doodles for a living.

3 appreciated comments:

  1. It's beauuuutiful! You're a nice friend Tina!

  2. Calej, your blog is so absolutely beautiful. And, I love the gift you have made. Thank you so much for sharing about this treasure. Blessings to you. ~Janee

  3. What a beautiful testament to your friendships.


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