One World One Heart 2011

Hello and welcome everyone to calej d'art. I'm calej, the resident artist and I hope you will enjoy your stop here during the worldwide tour on your OWOH adventure!

♫•♥•♫•♥•♫•♥•♫ Congratulations to Cathy, my newest dear friend from Tennessee, who makes beautiful collage art! Her blog can be found here. ♫•♥•♫•♥•♫•♥•♫

My heartfelt thanks to all of you who joined my raffle! I wish I could give each of you these prizes to share the love! Each of your comments have warmed my heart and have blessed me ever sooo much. From the bottom of my heart thank you and please do come back again and visit from time to time. Remember that OWOH has made us all forever friends!


This is just a blog of all my artistic outputs whether it's something ordinary that I turned into something useful, photographs, drawings or something I find beautiful that I would like to share with all of you. I'm from one of the 7,100 sunny islands of the Philippines! How's the weather over there?
If you're new to Liza Swifka's OWOH, click here to find out all about it. I'm glad you joined this year because it is actually the very last one (teary eyed!). OWOH actually introduced me to the world of blog candy and ever since I've been extremely blessed to win a good number of delightful prizes over the years.

Now onto my prize! The lucky winner (whom I will pick through a random number generator) will win... tadah.... a vintage clip set, a necklace, a ring and... a bracelet with designs by none other than myself woopeeee!

Here are some of the pictures of these goodies...
Vintage Musical Note Clips could be yours. This is for those who have a lot of music in their hearts or for those who need more of that!

Life is truly beautiful don't you think? I made this design to remind us all how wonderful this life is. Wear it and be mindful of it too. It also has a crochet and metal flower along with it but sorry it wasn't seen in the picture. That must be a surprise for sure!
The winner will get to pick one design from these Bubble Rings! These sure make me happy just looking at them!

Last but not least is my forever friends bracelet. When this comes to you, you'll know you'll have a forever friend in me! Sorry it's cheesy!

To go see the other blogs and get a chance to win their goodies, click here

Blessings and enjoy your OWOH experience!

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Calej lives in Japan with her husband. She designs and doodles for a living.