Papemelroti Giveaway

Christmas is a time of giving and it's an opportune time to let you know that Papemelroti (my favorite shop of course) is giving away three of their newest pieces to three lucky winners!
You could win this Aviary Medal Bracelet.
or this
Periwinkle Dream Flight Bracelet
or last but not the least a
Bird's Nest Leather Cuff

These pieces are made by my sister Meldy.  She is one talented jewelry designer. She also sculpts, sews, cooks, and is now a proud foster mama!    Visit her blog here

It's so easy to join!

Just go on over to this page and post a comment saying what product of Papemelroti's you like best.  Then we will raffle off the names come January.   It's easy peasy.  Oh did I mention that this contest is open to anyone on planet earth.  Aliens can't join this time (too expensive to send).

I hope you all win!  And I hope you are enjoying every minute of this season! Bless you! :)

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Calej lives in Japan with her husband. She designs and doodles for a living.


  1. Hi Christina! Thanks for sharing. I will definitely join!!!

  2. Hi! I love the whimsical Aviary line of jewelry. I wasn't planning on buying for myself, just one for my cousin but I ended buying a pair of vintage looking earrings and a bracelet.


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