Last Minute Giftwrapping

Ok, no time to run to the store for some wrapping?  Grab these items and get wrappin'!

Brown Paper Bag
Plastic Bags
Old eraser
Stamp Pad
Old lace
Old calling cards
Rubber Stamps
Glue or Paste
(You won't need all of these)

What you do is wrap your gift up in brown paper bag paper then add a dash of newspaper.
Sprinkle with embellishments.
Use the back of yer ole calling card as the gift tag.
I carved out an angel from an old eraser and used it as a stamp.  It helps that the Books for Less bookstore calling card I found (of a defunct branch) is also made of recycled paper so it matches my eco-friendly look.

You can use old bits of lace to decorate the somewhat plain wrapping of just brown and newsprint and just attach with bits of glue.

So here are the finished products.  The principle here is not to throw anything that can still be used later on.  I'm giving you a timely reminder to keep all the ribbons and paper that you will be getting this Christmas to re-using later on.

The gift on the upper right has a plastic bag ribbon.  I just cut up a plastic bag into 3 pcs of 1" width strips (and whatever length your paper bag is).  I then braided them for a cool ribbon effect.  Sorry I forgot to get a close up!  Tedious but nice.

The blue tie on the lower left is rope that I untangled for a nice fringed effect.  The lower right gift has a red bow from an old cut up piece of clothing that I liked.

Wishing you the best Christmas ever!  If you want to make this season more meaningful, give to those who need it most!  Click here to help our countrymen who've been recently having a very rough Christmas.

Haven't got a gift for me yet?  Oh just comment and it will make my Christmas! ;)

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  1. Very pretty! Simple and beautiful! I love the paper you used.

    Creatively Living

  2. Hi Christina! Merry Christmas to you and your family! Enjoy the holidays :)

  3. Hi Tina, you can add this to blog parties! Great ideas! Oh and how did you add the icons below the post? I've been searching for this all afternoon! Not really! Just exag.

  4. Cute take on a book meme post -- how to wrap the books as gifts! I love the way they came out!

    My grandmother always used to wrap gifts with the comics section of the newspaper, and we loved it!

    I found your blog through the What's On Your Nightstand meme -- nice to meet you!


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