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If you've never heard of the Sartorialist, then you're missing a lot of great photography and fashion.

Now you have the chance to win your own framed Sartorialist-styled sketches by none other than award-winning graphic designer and one of Channel News Asia's Asians of the Year Robert Alejandro (also my brother *beaming with pride*).  

See more of his sartorialist sketches here. 

Winners get to send their full length photograph (it can be someone else as well). 

All you need to do is to say "papemelroti" (easy peasey right?)

Here's how to say it right - - -

To join, send the link to your video or audio recording on Youtube (or elsewhere) and papemelroti will pick the best most creative one! E-mail the link to info@papemelroti .com 

For those who don't know what papemelroti is, it's my most favorite ever gift shop in the world.  Oh and I work there too!   Check out and see why.

Kindly do not send them the videos via e-mail as it will clog their system. Contest ends March 1, 2012. 

This contest is open worldwide! They'll e-mail the winner and also announce it on their shop's e-Newsletter and Facebook so watch out for that. *Winners must reply within 5 days.

So, time to find your microphone.

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