DIY Miniature Chairs

What is a dollhouse without little chairs?

I made this using:
toilet paper rolls
scrap denim cloth
white glue / glue gun

The chair I made has 3 parts.  The main body, the circle seat and the inner chair back.  Everything can be finished in about half an hour providing you have all the materials with you.  Iron out the cloth prior to starting so you won't lose your momentum or get discouraged with the crumpled look!


1.  Make a line using your pencil right down the middle of your toilet paper roll.  It should go all around until about half way and then start curving the pencil upward.

2.  We're making the chair back so just curve it as good as you can.  In my case I just winged it.  If you're not confident, you can make a pattern out of a sturdy piece of paper and use that for all the chairs so it's more uniform in the curvature.

3. Now cut on the line you drew.

4. It will look a lot like a chair already except it's got no seat yet!

5. To make a seat, get another toilet paper roll and cut open so you can lay it out like paper.  Use the bottom of the first toilet paper roll as a pattern to trace the "seat".

6. Cut out the circle "seat".
7. We will need to make the 3rd chair section - the inner chair back.

Again, trace the curved chair back you made but this time make a smaller one so it will fit nicely in the curve.  It should look like this.

8. Now for the fun part.  Let's cover the top chair back first.  Lay it down on some cloth and cut around it. My tip for you is to cut more than I did so it won't be so hard letting it stick on the paper roll.

9. Cut the cloth all around the roll so you can fold smoothly later.

10. Glue together.

11. The front looks like this.
The back will look like this.

12. Now to attach the inner chair back.  It goes pretty much the same way as steps 8 to 10.  See here.

13.  For the chair bottom sides, get your cloth and cut out a long strip.  To measure the size, wrap the cloth around the roll and make sure there is at least an inch extra allowance on all sides.

I used another roll to measure the circumference.

14. Glue it on to the sides making the back part as neatly as possible.  What I did was fold the section where the chair back is and glue the rest.

15. Nearly done, the little seat is to be covered similarly.

16. Glue the seat onto the sides of the chair.  Some adjustments can be made here if it's jutting out too much.      If you're using white glue, use clips, paperweights to hold it together while drying.  If you're using glue gun, it will pretty much hold right away.

17. Tadah the little seat is all done!  Whew!  Make some more!


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