Mother's Day DIY Bouquet

Mothers are extremely special and thus must be celebrated!  Your mom is always the best in the whole wide world so take some time to make her an inspired gift that won't break the bank.

Give her some flowers that will last practically forever.

What you need:

bits of wallpaper
toilet paper roll
glue gun / white glue
old water bottle
green plastic bag
green paper
pebbles (optional)

To make:

1. Cut toilet paper roll on one side to make the flower middles.

2. Straighten out.

3. Cut into strips.  Tape the bottom portion together.  This will be used for the middle portion of the flower.

4. To make the petal itself, cut the wallpaper using the petal pattern.  You may also use your own shape and size for this really.  Just right click on the image below and "Save as" to grab the patterns on this page.

Produce 3 to 4 petals.  Attach one petal to the middle portion using tape and make it look like a bud.  Attach the other petals one by one, making it bulge using the petal cut at the bottom.

5. To make the flower stem, repeat Step No. 1 and 2 and then start rolling.  This necessitates a bit of muscle power.  What I did was just use half of the roll so it doesn't come out too thick.  Attach to the flower using tape again.

6.  At this point, you have a brown stem.  To add life, get an old green plastic bag and fold it lengthwise.

7. Cut it up into strips.

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8. Then roll the strips around the stem.

9. For the leaves I used plain green paper.  Cut using the pattern below and attach to the stem.  You can tape it on and then roll a green plastic strip over it to secure.  Make some more flowers.  For this project I just made 3.

10.  Almost done!  We're now doing the "vase".  Cut an old plastic bottle just below the label.

11. Get some lace and cut a strip to decorate the middle portion of your "vase".

12. Glue gun on.

13. Add some lacy trim on the rim.

14. Add a label for mom.  I used the cardboard from the toilet paper roll as well.  You can add pebbles inside to make it heavier and more stable.  You can roll a letter of appreciate for your mom and put it together with the flowers.


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  1. This is so pretty! What a sweet idea for a Mother's Day gift. Great tutorial! Thanks so much for sharing with us 'in the studio' this week! :)

  2. Thank you Jennifer glad you liked this craft. My mom liked it too! :)


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