Good News Girls

I want to be a Good News Girl (instead of a Gossip Girl).
I want to make other people smile and be able to see how good life is.

Today's wisdom for me is from Luke 4:18 when Jesus read in 
their church that He was the promised one sent by God to 
bring good news to the poor, recover blind people's sight, 
let the captives free (one bible version said this meant to heal broken hearts),
and to proclaim a year acceptable to God.

A lot of his friends, neighbors weren't convinced and in fact,
they got uber mad at Him thinking He was a blasphemer!
In short Jesus had a rough day.

Have you ever had a rough day?

Sometimes when we are all set to tutor street children, we get booted
out of our venue.  Sometimes volunteers who say they will come
suddenly won't.  Sometimes I get to tutor 5 kids and haven't prepared
well for them because I prepared for another grade level.. in short
sometimes I have a rough day as well.

Are you always so convincing?

In years past I was diagnosed with Graves Disease.  My full story is here
My hands were shaky, moods erratic, pulse over a hundred, energy zilch.
But to make it short, I got well not with drugs but with good old
fashioned nutritional supplements and a change in lifestyle.
Good friends of mine, still don't believe I am healed.

My hands aren't shaky anymore, my moods are stable,
my pulse is under a hundred and my energy level keeps
getting better and better but still they say "are you sure you're well?".

When I thought about how Jesus just "passed through" the crowd,
then we can do that as well when people are not convinced of our health,
well-being, maybe even our sanity.  Jesus has been there and that
is more than enough Good News for me.

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Calej lives in Japan with her husband. She designs and doodles for a living.


  1. I love the picture! So sweet. Your words, thoughts are precious. This is a lovely post for a Monday...and any rough day. Thank you for sharing your heart and thoughts! Keep being a Good News Girl instead of a Gossip Girl- I am with you! ANd so is He!

  2. Thank you so much, so happy to meet a Good News sister! Bless you dear may your whole week be smooth sailing :)

  3. Why don't they believe? How strange! I want to be a good news girl too! :-)

  4. Thanks Patsy! Thank you Elaine! Hugs! :)


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