Cats Understand English (Part 1)

I must warn you.
This post will get a bit sad in the end. Well it gets sad pretty soon too.

Decades ago I had a cat named Blacky. That cat was as sleek and as elegant as his name was un-original.  He was a beautiful tom.

One day the night turned so cold that Blacky crept into our van's fan belt. You could guess what happened the next morning when my dad started the car.

Now don't stop reading.  I promise you it will be worth it.

Blacky was brought to the vet and to have mercy on you, I won't describe the extent of his injuries.

That night I had the agonizing decision to make, have him operated on, or put him to sleep.  I could not sleep the whole night.  I tossed and turned.

I dreaded the next day when we would have to see him at the vet.  From outside the building, I could hear Blacky's torturous cries.  The vet said he was like that all night, trying to get out of the box.  I started crying ... bawling.  My sister chimed along with me despite the other people there.

After talking with the vet, we decided to put Blacky to sleep.

We went to Blacky and then I mustered up the courage to say "Black, we'll just put you to sleep okay?".  The moment I said it, Blacky stopped meowing, lay down at the bottom of the box and just silently relaxed.  My sister and I howled all the more with our tears.

That is when I learned that cats understand English.

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