Miracle Cat

Sharing with you some photos and the story of my miracle cat.

Midnight, twice near death, got his dream fulfilled... to finally be a house cat.

Midnight was found in a dumpster by our house help.  He was really scrawny and noisy.  I initially took him in as a companion to another kitten called Winter.  Winter has since passed away and now Midnight is rooming with me.

Just a week ago this cat was near death.  I still can't hardly believe that now he is eating, running, grooming, playing again and totally back to his old self.  And to think I was already thinking of putting him to sleep!!!!  

The story is I came home one day to find Midnight not eating and without his usual energy.  I tried feeding him and he ate though not enthusiastically.  He slept all the time.  I didn't think much of it until the next day when he wouldn't eat a thing.  He also had an enlarged side flapping which I never saw before.

I brought him to the U.P. vet med hoping it was still open since this was after coming home from    work.  It was already closing so I was a bit worried but fortunately when I got there, they were still open. The vets were kind enough to examine Midnight and when they saw him they said this is a very serious case.  They said he was so beautiful and it would be a shame if he died.  Seeing his tummy my they found a dark area (although a black cat IS darks all over!) and said he could have been in an accident and that his organs might have gotten jumbled up!!!  He needed an X-ray and there was no time to lose.

Unfortunately they didn't have an X-ray available at the time and they recommended I go to Animal House 30 minutes away.  Without a second thought I sped off to Animal House and on the way I was praying soooo hard that Midnight would not need surgery!!!

When we got there it was so difficult because the parking was across from the building and I had to cross the street with the cat in a basket hoping he wouldn't jump out into the traffic.

Miracle no.1
The attending vet examined Midnight and couldn't find the dark red spot on his tummy nor the flapping skin!

Miracle no.2
Straight away he was prepped for an X-ray.  It found NOTHING!

They recommended they give Midnight a blood test to find out the next course of action. And to put him on dextrose to help him regain his strength as he wasn't eating.  It was excruciating to watch this because they needed to put a needle through his jugular vein and I know he was in pain since he was groan-meowing!  I nearly fainted!

The blood test results were so worrisome - bacteria, diabetes, low immune system, anemia, deficiencies and abnormalities everywhere!  They could do a blood transfusion but in his condition that was risky. After seeing Midnight have a syringe stuck up his jugular vein I said I couldn't stand him having a transfusion!

At this point I thought he would be stronger in the morning and the dextrose could come off already just like the last time he got sick.

After prescribing some antibiotics, Animal House allowed me to bring Midnight home on a dextrose.  It was quite difficult to drive and make sure the dextrose wouldn't fall midway.

That night I would periodically check on him but then I fell asleep.  When I woke up I saw a most horrific sight!!!  Blood everywhere!  His neck was "leaking" from the blood extraction procedure.  He must have scratched it and the blood flowed readily!  Midnight by this time wouldn't hold his head up anymore.  He was like lying face down on his bed.  He was that weak.  I actually thought he died already.

Miracle No. 3  
Midnight was still alive.

I took a leave off from work, thinking to do all I can to save Midnight's life.

Days passed and Midnight didn't show signs of improvement.  The only sign that we could see he was still fighting for his life was his tail waving when we were around.  I was his nurse and coach.  I told him "you can do it" "you're going to get well" and prayed over him often (very often). 

I would force feed him with a syringe and the cotton cover for this bloody neck.  The hardest part was when he would meow painfully signifying he wanted to urinate. His body must have felt sore because he wouldn't let us carry him.  He would struggle weakly when we would transfer him to the litter (just beside his bed).  I actually told him to just do it where he was and then I would just clean up afterwards but being the finicky kitty he didn't want to do that!  Oh it was torment seeing the little kitty suffer so!

I promised "Midnight, you better get well so you can have your dream of being a house cat!"

But discouragement set in after the 4th day. I felt like he was not getting any stronger.  I researched on the internet and many discussed that in cases like this, the best option was euthanasia.  I couldn't do that.  So I told Midnight "If it gets too hard, go towards the light"  I would just meet him at the other side of the rainbow.

But joy of joys, miracle of miracles, he started eating again!  It was as if he was impatient all of a sudden to eat and he started eating out of the can!!!  Wow it was as if a light bulb turned on and from then on he was well on his way to recovery! Day by day he got better and started sitting up then eventually walking again... just WOW!

Thank You's

All I can do is thank God for hearing my loud, wailing prayers.  

Thank you to the vets Dr. May of Petmaster, Visayas Ave., UP Vet Med and Doc Jason of Animal House.

Thank you to my family for all the love and support. 

Thank you to my dad who loves Midnight and with his visit, Midnight got on his feet and did his signature move - sweetly rubbing cheek onto his foot.

Thank you to my mom for sacrificing her personal sanitation preferences for Midnight's health and welfare and for paying for extra help (to be a nanny for Midnight)!

Thank you to my sister Patsy for sending a friend Doris' tip about force feeding a cat using the other end of a spoon.  I didn't get to use this directly for feeding but it was handy in spooning the food into the syringe.

Thank you to my sister Peggy for the visit, in her prayer, telling the bacteria to just die!

Thank you to my sister Meldy for supporting me all the way with antibiotic advice, trace minerals (Quantum) that helped Midnight recover miraculously!

Thank you to my brother Robert for praying while many miles away.

Thank you to my friends and co-workers who prayed for Midnight as well!

Midnight is "meow meow"-ing his thanks too!

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