Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, Part 1

Visiting this place enriches the heart.

I've always dreamed of a distant time gone by when Manila was in its prime,
the sparkling toast, the Paris-like playground of the world.

It was the 1800s pre-war era and people wore the traditional Maria Clara and Barong
seemingly unfazed by the heat.

Just 3 hours from Manila, you can relive all the glory of this era.
Don your best Filipiniana and be among the similarly attired staff all over the grounds.

A walk along the houses and buildings gives one a sense of nostalgia
and a feel of the rich history each of these structures hold.

Some of the homes are made up of 1% vintage and 99% restoration work
but the fine craftsmanship of the Las Casas workers were able to skillfully fill in
what time has ravaged.

Surprise surprise!  Delight in the nearby pool beside the beach!

The intricate details do delight.

When you're in the Philippines, it's worth an overnight stay here to get a feel for the old world.  Bring the whole family!  

See what our crazy clan did here!

See my windows and door photographs in my next post!

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