Caturday Birthday Party

Last night was the very first feline party I've attended (and hosted)!  It was Midnight's 1st birthday party!  We all had a meow-velous time!

Prior to the event I only had a limited time to prepare so I just created some cat ears from black construction paper and headbands.

I put some flowers in a candle holder.

I  looked for cat stuff to decorate our home with.

Here I am with the ears on.  Hmmm they seem a bit small don't they?

I made a witty welcomeow sign.

I strung up cat calendar pics and at one point, Midnight wanted to tug at the ribbon and rope!

When people came in we served some snacks in this Japanese bowl.

We served Puss-to Puss- ta, Sole Fillet, and Meowditerranean Salad (which I put together).

Some of our guests looked like they were growing some whiskers!

I made a cute little cat party giveaway using black paper, metallic pen and a ribbon.

What's a party without fun and games?  The challenging e was to get a good picture of Midnight for my kitty album.

Everything went purrrrfectly well!

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Calej lives in Japan with her husband. She designs and doodles for a living.


  1. How cute and fun! This is my first time to see a Caturday party too.


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