DIY Bag Zipper Pull

Yesterday while I was at the mall, I didn't realize that my zipper pull just fell off.  This, I had a hard time opening and closing my bag all day long.  No worries, I had an idea!

This morning before I went to work, I took out my trusty jewelry kit.

I picked out a color scheme.  Blue and white it is!

I laid out the bag charm beads in the way I thought was nice and then started putting them together with silver chains and rings.

I would use little metal balls for the big beads that would just go through the small metal pieces.

Tadah in a few minutes it's done!  

Attaching it to the bag took some muscle!  I didn't want to lose it again so I had to tighten the zipper hook. 

Now I have to eat my breakfast! But I'm happy I took the time to make a bag charm- zipper pull that's much fun compared to just the heather strip! Have a good day everyone! 

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Calej lives in Japan with her husband. She designs and doodles for a living.


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